Galapagos Climate – April Weather in the Galapagos Islands

End of the ‘rainy’ season in the Galapagos.

April Weather in the Galapagos

Rainy season comes to an end in April and the Islands are quite green.

The Galapagos Islands have a varying climate marked by a scarcity of rain, and in April rainy season comes to an end. The Galapagos Islands are quite green and full of life.

Waved Albatross Courtship

Massive arrival of Waved Albatross to Espanola where their courtship begins.


End of Hatching Season of Giant Tortoises

End of Hatching Season of the Galapagos Giant Tortoises.

In April, the massive arrival of Waved Albatrosses to Espanola Island, where their amazing courtship starts.

April ends the hatching season for the giant tortoises but begins the hatching seasons for both the Green Sea Turtles and Galapagos Land Iguanas. Rainy season comes to an end in April and the Islands become quite green all around!

 in the Galapagos:

Green Sea Turtles hatching

Eggs of Green Sea Turtles begin to hatch in the Galapagos.


Galapagos snorkeling in April

April starts with great visibility in the water for snorkelers.


Eggs of Land Iguanas begin to hatch

Eggs of Galapagos Land Iguanas begin to hatch.


Swimming in the Galapagos

The sunny weather makes for jumping into the ocean a real delight!


Temperatures for Galapagos Islands in April:

Average Low: Average High: Water Temperature: Average Rainfall:
72°F 86°F 76°F 1.5 inches


For more information on Galapagos Islands weather, click here Galapagos Islands weather.

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