An Exclusive Experience

Privact Yacht Charters

Private charters allow you to make your Galapagos experience uniquely your own.

The way to make your trip of a lifetime even more amazing is to share it with family, friends and close associates while having the entire yacht to yourself.

Both our yachts are available for private charters.

M/Y Grace

M/Y Grace is available for up to 18 passengers in 9 cabins.

M/V Evolution

M/V Evolution can be chartered for as few as 24 passengers in 16 cabins, and you can incrementally add up to 8 more passengers for a total of 32.

advantages of your
galapagos private charter
your own

On a private charter your party will be the only passengers aboard the yacht making for a more exclusive experience when you visit landings and snorkeling sites. You can relax and share memories in the familiarity of those you know and care about most.


When you charter the entire yacht you will enjoy significant savings over booking individual cabins at retail. This is one way we reward our chartering passengers.

Group Size

You can charter the Grace for 18 passengers. Aboard the Evolution you can charter the yacht for as few as 24 passengers and add up to 8 more incrementally, giving you flexibility in the size of your group and pricing.

Landmark Occassions

In the past, at our passenger's request, we have staged large birthday, anniversary and other landmark celebrations for our chartering guests.

Together, you and your loved ones will get
lost in the sights and sounds of the Galapagos.

Intimacy it's fullest
Friends and Group Charters

Our friends and group charters are ideal for those looking to see the Galapagos in a more intimate-shared adventure. These charters include wine-tasting nights, special lectures, special menus and more.

Family Charters

Sharing and unforgettable adventure with your loved ones. Child-oriented naturalist, activities and menus for children onboard.

Where else can all three generations do the same thing at the same time while enjoying peak life experiences like snorkeling with sea lions and penguins or encountering a giant tortoise in the wild!

Special Interest Charters

We customize our expeditions for the special interests of photographers, bird-watchers, foodies, geologists and more! You will be accompanied by an expert in that field.

Private Flights

We will be glad to obatin all local permits for your arrival on your private jet.

personalized attention

Our staff is devoted exclusively to you. Unrivalled attention to detail.

Special requests for activities, food, beverages, liquors, etc. can all be taken care of for charters. A charter equals an even more tailored, flexible and one of a kind voyage to suit your itinerary, activities and style. Let us help you take the private trip of a lifetime.

Afinity and Alumni
Group Charters

Affinity groups from all over the world, linked by a common interest or purpose, are hosted by Quasar Expeditions on highly tailored departures throughout the year. The level of personalization and detail that goes into these affinity group experiences is truly unrivaled.

Stanford University and the University of Notre Dame, two of the most prestigious Universities in the United States, have some of the most successful Alumni Travel programs in the Nation. Quasar Expeditions is proud to be the leading choice for these two Universities when it comes to Galapagos travel.

special guest

Several times a year, inspirational individuals and renown world scholars from all over the world are invited on specific chartered departures. The fortunate few to accompany these amazing individuals on our different destinations, experience a whole new dimension on their expedition.

Richard Dawkins, an English ethologist, evolutionary biologist and author, which many have labeled as the Charles Darwin of today, has been leading chartered departures with Quasar Expeditions as a guest speaker in the Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos Charters Extras
choose the right add-ons
IN mainland ecuador & GALAPAGOS

- Welcome letter from founders

- Expedition water bottle

- Personal visit to your hotel by one of Quasar’s staff

- Tailored Yacht Cap

- Access to airport VIP lounges

- Galapagos Expedition Journal

- Galapagos flight Business Class

- Private transfers in Galapagos (airport to yacht)

- Beer & wine included throughout your cruise

- Quasar Expeditions 30 Year brochure

- Special welcome gift

- Quasar Expeditions Duffle Bags

- Leather Luggage Tags

- Photographer onboard your yacht

- Maseuse onboard your yacht

- Personalized Photobook of your Galapagos cruise

- Private Chef

- Extra Guide / Baby Sitter

- Expedite the airport process with Galapagos flight SICGAL baggage inspection done at hotel

- Galapagos Conservancy logo t-shirt (donates $10 to the Galapagos Conservancy non-profit)

- Lunch at Royal Palm Hotel (the day you enter Puerto Ayora)

- Behind the scenes visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station

- Videographer & Video

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