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The Galapagos Islands are like no other place on Earth (onboard the M/V Evolution).

Sarah Elbert, Executive Editor

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Galapagos FAQs
  • When is the best time to visit the Galapagos Islands?

  • Why do Galapagos Itineraries differ & which itinerary is best?

      Best Answer: In  2012 the Galapagos National Park decided to reduce the environmental impact on its 70 terrestrial visitor sites and 75 marine visitor sites, and disperse cruise vessels more evenly throughout the Park, by requiring that yachts wait 14 days before returning to the same National Park visitor site. This has been a real benefit to visitors as they encounter fewer visitors from other vessels when visiting a given landing site. As a result of this ruling each of our yachts operates two different week long itineraries. If you only have a week to spend in the Galapagos you will be happy to know that there truly is no better or worse itinerary, just different. We continue to receive rave reviews for both itineraries aboard both our yachts. Passengers continue to have amazing animal encounters while experiencing the depth and breadth of what the islands offer including top notch landing sites on all itineraries. Of course Quasar will be happy to go over the differences. These tend to be specific rather than general. Therefore it’s best for us to guide you through these over the phone. You can also research our itineraries online by going to:

      M/V Evolution Itineraries / M/Y Grace Itineraries

  • How can I avoid getting sea sick in the Galapagos Islands?

  • What Is the Difference Between Taking A Cruise or Staying At a Hotel in the Galapagos?

      Best Answer: 97% of the land area and 100% of the maritime area of the Galapagos Islands is within the National Park. The only places not within the Park are the population centers where you will find the hotels. There are 70 terrestrial visitor sites and 75 marine visitor sites throughout the National Park where travelers are permitted to go ashore or go snorkeling to see animals up close in their natural habitat. The only way to access the great majority of these landing sites is on a live aboard vessel that takes you on a cruise through islands.

      Areas Outside of the Galapagos National ParkOnly a hand full of landing sites are accessible from the hotels and this is mostly by day boat. All the hotels compete for spaces on the day boats as there are more hotel accommodations than there are spaces on the day boats because few boats that are permitted to go into the Park operate day trips. If you are lucky enough to get a day boat out into the National Park, you start your day by having to take a power boat ride to the landing site. These can be two hour rides each way. Not that pleasant and really a waste of your day.

      In contrast, the permitted live aboard yachts arrive at your first landing site before you wake up and you’ll have the opportunity to go ashore and visit two different sites for up to 2 ½ hours each, along with snorkeling, kayaking and dinghy rides. Many yachts offer cabins, services and amenities equivalent to Galapagos hotels or better. The hotels are best for those who want to stay on after or arrive before their cruise for some diving or down time as well as families with toddlers too young to travel aboard the yachts.

      The lesson here is that when you see a hotel package that seems too good to be true it is because you are likely to spend very little time within the Galapagos National Park seeing its animals. The hotels give you access to the port towns, which are small and can be fun, but they are not the key reason the Galapagos has become a premier destination.

      A variation on this theme is port-to-port tours. These are provided by vessels that are not permitted to visit the Galapagos National Park landing sites. Instead they visit the ports, which are also the population centers. If your aim is to visit population centers this is a good option.


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Travel to this natural wonderland as the founders once did:
privately and intimately.

Making Galapagos the ultimate private getaway.

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The first time we sailed the Galapagos Islands was onboard a 1902 Baltic trader, a wooden sailing boat that transported cargo in the Baltic Sea. Her accomodations were probably not much different from those offered onboard the HMS Beagle when Charles Darwin first visited the archipelago. Nonetheless, the enchantment of the islands, untouched by human hands, was planted deep in our hearts. We knew then, the Galapagos was a place to be experienced as privately and intimately as possible. This was the birth of Quasar Expeditions.

Our yachts were selected and built to experience the islands the way we did long ago but with distinction, comfort and elegance.

We remember when we took our children onboard our first yacht, how wonderful it was to feel that nature was putting on a show exclusively for us. Sharing the encounters and discoveries of every day exculsively with your loved ones, is a wonderful priviledge.

We invite you to be enchanted by the Galapagos Islands.

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