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Updated: November 22, 2023
Published: April 18, 2023

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Grilled Salmon in an Andean herb pesto sauce

At Quasar Expeditions, we believe that world travel is an all-five-senses activity. True immersion in the Galapagos Islands means feeling the bright sun and soft breeze on your skin; smelling the fresh ocean air from a cruise deck; soaking up the sight of white sands and glittering waters; hearing ocean birds and sea lions calling to each other; and, last but certainly not least, tasting the flavors of the land and sea.

When it comes to wining and dining, Quasar Expeditions is your opportunity for an authentic, sustainably-sourced, and unforgettable taste of the Galapagos. No matter your preferences, the Quasar dining experience has something for every palette.

How to Dine the Quasar Way

When setting out on a Quasar Expeditions cruise tour of the Galapagos, travelers know that the dining options on board will be healthy, nourishing, and tasty. Finding out that the food & cuisine experience is also an expression of art—well, that’s for each traveler to discover the true cuisine of the Galapagos Islands.

Whether on board the Evolution yacht or Grace yacht, for itineraries of eight or fifteen days, Galapagos explorers will have an extensive Galapagos Cruise food menu to choose from. All meals are served à la ocean views and attention to detail.

Galapagos Cuisine Sample Menu

For breakfast, choose from a selection of:

  • Yucca bread
  • Spanish omelettes
  • Oat and Apple muesli
  • Fresh fruit

Lunch choices range from:

  • Vegetable ceviche with creamy leche and de tigre
  • White fish in garlic sauce
  • Grilled Octopus with chimichurri
  • Creamy quinoa risotto

And for dinner, our Quasar master chefs can whip up:

  • Grilled salmon steak
  • Fried yucca and green pepper aioli
  • Prawns in cognac sauce
  • Hungarian beef stew
  • and so much more!

How to Wine the Quasar Way

For anyone wishing to pair a fine meal with equally fine libations, Quasar Expeditions is here to take your order. With an expansive Galapagos cruise wine & spirits list, no palette will be at a loss for choice.

Wine list offerings span the globe, so that you may taste hints of the farthest corner of France and Spain all from the comfort of the Grace yacht dining area. Or, sip some local Ecuadorian beer from the deck of the Evolution yacht, as you sail by Darwin’s playground.

A refreshing Aperol Spritz served with toasted peanuts on al-fresco lounge of the Grace

On a relaxing afternoon, don’t pass up a chance to unwind with a Caipirinha, Piña Colada, or Pisco Sour. Just as a Galapagos Island cruise can satiate your travel hunger, the Quasar Expeditions wine, spirits, and cocktail menu is sure to quench your thirst.

Ecuadorian Prawns in a local creamy coconut sauce from the province of Esmeraldas

Why Choose Quasar?

Now that your taste buds are paying attention, it’s probably time to tell you how the Quasar wine and dine approach is about more than just the fine menu selection. Aside from providing a one-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the Galapagos with all five senses, Quasar Expeditions goes above and beyond to ensure sustainability and food quality in the process.

Moscow Mule and a Cognac waiting to be served at the newly remodeled Grace Yacht bar


From sourcing and purchasing ingredients, to preparing and serving the food to our guests, to the eventual disposal of materials, Quasar Expeditions prioritizes eco-conscious behaviors every step of the way.

Partnering with individuals and organizations with their own sustainability agendas, as well as promoting Quasar’s green practices to businesses in the surrounding area, helps to spread awareness about Eco-conscious tourism and as a result, protects our precious land and waterways. Traveling the Quasar way means leaving your destination cleaner than when you arrived.

Passion fruit tart with peach sauce and a Chocolate sphere filled with naranjilla cream

Master Chefs

While aboard one of Quasar’s Galapagos Island cruises, you will experience food & meals that are assembled with such attention to detail that it will feel like being served a masterful work of art.

This is all thanks to Quasar's master chefs, many of whom hail from Ecuador, who are passionate about curating nourishing, inspiring, and authentic dishes that reflect Ecuador’s spirit and style. Having worked in renowned kitchens across the globe, our chefs choose Quasar because of the intimate dining environments, sense of community and purpose, and our shared love of adventure.

Smoked salmon flower in a chive & toasted peanut sauce, served over an edible beetroot leaf and edible flowers, and topped with crispy rice chips

Treat Your Tastebuds

A tour of the Galapagos Islands is easily one of the more eye-opening, awe-inspiring expeditions one can set out on. In the spirit of immersion, you owe each one of your senses a chance to experience the Galapagos in all its grandeur. Give yourself the gift of the Galapagos, and treat your tastebuds to Quasar Expeditions.

Quasar Chef David Ramirez preparing a local scorpion fish

Paul Schicke
By Paul Schicke
Senior Expedition Designer

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