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In a modern world where 'news' is old in moments, a trip to the Galapagos is a journey into a land found nowhere else on earth. On these islands statue like marine iguana’s wearing distinctive colors pose on lava, or scoot into the water for feasting on saltwater algae. This is the experience that visitors compare to a present day “Jurassic Park”. It builds on a sense of exploration no matter your age. Adventuring on the equatorial islands you hike, snorkel, and cruise among creatures that pay no notice of your presence; you blend into the environment with as smooth a transition as you can imagine, and much like the lava underground... you melt. Sea lions become the new pup’s on the beach with soulful eyes; birds of so many species that you think your name is "Audubon" when you finish the day; and under the water.....a lottery of what you will see is unfolding before you. Whale sharks (which are fish, not sharks!) and Hammerhead sharks (which are sharks, not fish!) ply these waters. The landscape is diverse with moonscape settings on Bartolome and new lava flows on Fernandina and Isabella. A world where beginnings and endings are in front of you and discovery is the experience around you.

This is a land of volcanoes, flora, and fauna that is like no other place on earth. Go and enjoy the time machine that is the Galapagos!

Marine Iguana
Galapagos Darwin Arch
Giant Galapagos Tortoises
Adult Marine Iguana
Sleepy Galapagos Sea Lions
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By Roam the world

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