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Updated: November 23, 2022
Published: October 03, 2016

Patagonian fox and its pup in Patagonia

Warmer days, spring flowers, fewer crowds and lots of opportunities for wildlife spotting; Patagonia in October is one of the best times of the year to experience all that Patagonia has to offer!

No matter the season, come prepared with lots of layers! Patagonia is famous for its unpredictable weather and at any time of year, you might experience sunshine, rain, wind, and snow in a single day.

But, if you’re considering visiting Patagonia in October, here’s all you need to know about the climate and what kind of weather to expect.

October Temperatures in Patagonia

Daytime highs in October average 57°F making it an ideal temperature for outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing and sailing. Overnight, the temperate drops to an average of 34°F. Most hotels in Patagonia are heated but if you’re camping, bring a warmer sleeping bag to keep snug. The further south you go, the cooler temperatures will be.

Average Temperatures in Patagonia During Each Season:

Maximum Average 11.2°C 15.3°C 10.0°C 5.8°C
Minimum Average 2.5°C 5.5°C 2.3°C 1.3°C
Maximum Record 19°C 30°C 2.1°C 13°C
Minimum Record -4°C -3°C -9°C -9°C

October Rainfall in Patagonia

October brings with it the start of the drier season in Patagonia. It averages 1.5 inches of rainfall over the month. The further west you head, towards the Pacific Coast and the Andes, the wetter it usually gets. The western regions including the Pacific Coast and the Andes are generally wetter and less predictable, while the eastern areas towards the Patagonian Plateau are drier and more stable.

October rainfal in Patagonia

October and Patagonia’s Wind

Patagonia’s wind is often relentless and while summer brings the strongest gusts, traveling in October may mean that you miss the worst of it. Expect the wind to still be wild by packing lightweight windproof layers.

October weather and Patagonia winds

Patagonia’s Flora in October

Spring is when Patagonia is at her most radiant! Snow-melt makes way for a vivid green carpet of grass and plants, spotted with colorful flowers, set in front of white, snowy mountains. It’s a gorgeous time for photography.

Patagonia's flora in October

Patagonia’s Wildlife in October

If you’re traveling to Patagonia to see it’s wildlife, October is a great time of the year for Patagonia animals. It’s whale season, you can see the largest colony of Magellanic penguins at Punta Tombo and Orcas, Elephant Seals and Sea Lions may be seen all year around. You might even get lucky and spot an elusive Puma! The decent from chilly mountain tops to warmer valleys in winter and may be seen in to early spring before being scared away by tourists. Keep an eye out for Patagonia Foxes, Rhea and Condors too.

Patagonia's wildlife in October

Traveling to Patagonia in October

With warmer days, less rain, milder winds, gorgeous springtime scenery and plenty of wildlife spotting opportunities, October is a prime choice to visit Patagonia! What’s more, the crowds haven’t arrived yet, making it easier to get bookings, less crowded on the trails and creating perfect the opportunity for you to see Patagonia in its truly wild glory.

For more about Patagonia’s climate & weather, click here -----> Patagonia weather.

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