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Peru is a living marvel and a mystery that was once the heart of the famous Incan Empire. Whether exploring Cusco & Macchu Picchu, the Sacred Valley or the exotic wilds of the Amazon, those who visit this country will marvel at its amazing natural wonders and its unique indigenous cultures & their traditions.

the heart of the incan empire

4 NIGHTS / 5 DAYS TOUR - On this multi-day adventure, you go deep into the Sacred Valley of the Incas to explore the mystery of its landscapes as it merges with the mysteries of the human spirit. As you traverse through the valleys, you are left in a constant state of awe that seems to sharpen the mind and heighten the senses. It all climaxes when you see Machu Picchu from the Gate of the Sun with your own eyes, against the towering stone sentinel of Wayna Picchu.

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trek to the lost city of the incas

4 NIGHTS / 5 DAYS TOUR - This one-of-a-kind expedition takes you to the lost city of the Incas with stays at deluxe mountain lodges. We immerse ourselves in the destination and admire its snow-capped peaks, hued turquoise lakes and graceful waterfalls as we trek into the lost city of the Incas.

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wild iquitos amazon cruise

3 NIGHTS / 4 DAYS TOUR - The Peruvian Amazon is the fourth largest expanse of tropical rainforest in the world, and home to thousands of unique animal species as well as many indigenous tribes speaking dozens of languages. Some of the last groups of people living with little or no direct contact with the outside world can still be found in the Peruvian Amazon today. This adventure is aimed at those who want to explore this wild natural paradise, see nature in its most unspoiled form and go back in time to the days when humans lived off of the land.

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In the variety of its charms and the power of its spell, I know of no place in the world which can compare with it.

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