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The start of the Garúa Season

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The month of June is the start to the Garúa Season (June to November), meaning the weather is relatively cool and dry, with sunny or overcast skies and some occasional drizzle. South East trade winds return and the currents become a bit stronger. Read below to find out more about June weather in the Galapagos Islands!

Giant Tortoises Nesting
Galapagos Islands June Climate

The Giant Tortoises on Santa Cruz Island start their migration in June from the highlands to the lowlands in search of suitable nesting places. Some groups of humpback whales that migrate up the coast of Ecuador reach the Galapagos in June. Southern migrant birds have started their journey towards the North. Galapagos is known to be a rest stop for such birds. Some species of cetaceans, commonly known as whales, dolphins, and porpoises, also follow this pattern of migration.

June weather in the Galapagos:

Galapagos Humpback Whales
Garúa Season
Galapagos Magnificent Frigate birds
Galapagos Yellow Warbler

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Temperatures for Galapagos Islands in June:

Average Low:Average High:Water Temperature:Average Rainfall:
68°F78°F74°F0.25 inches

For more information on Galapagos Islands weather and more about what you can expect for June weather in the Galapagos Islands, click here Galapagos Islands weather.

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