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Facts About Ecuador - Ecuador Flag

Did you know that Ecuador was awarded the title of ‘South America’s Leading Green Destination’ for the past 3 years?

Although it’s about the size of Colorado, it’s adorned with stunning beaches, untouched Amazonian rain forest, Spanish architecture, rich culture and inexpensive local cuisine with perfect spring-time weather all year-round.

Check out these 15 fun facts about Ecuador to get you excited about your upcoming trip to Ecuador (or entice you to plan one)!

  1. Ecuador is a popular retirement with a low cost of living and high quality of life.
  2. It’s more bio-diverse per square kilometer than any other country.
  3. ‘Cuy’, or whole roasted guinea pigs are a local delicacy.
  4. The equator runs through Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (which translates to the Middle of the World City), where you can stand with one foot in each hemisphere.
    Ciudad Mitad del Mundo
    Stand with one foot in each Hemisphere
  5. Modern measurements show that the TRUE equator ACTUALLY lies 240 meters north of the tourist attraction.
  6. Although Spanish is the official language of Ecuador, there are 13 indigenous languages that are also recognized.
  7. Ecuador is, by far, the world’s largest exporter of bananas.
    Ecuador Bananas being cleaned after harvesting
    Banana trees in Ecuador
  8. While standing on the summit of Mount Chimborazo, which is an Andean stratovolcano in central Ecuador, (on the equatorial bulge) you’re the closest you can be to space while standing on earth!
    Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador
  9. Quito is the highest official capital city in the world at 9,252 feet
  10. Due to the altitude in Quito, water boils at 190°F
  11. Ecuador was the first country in the world to recognize that nature has constitutional rights!
  12. Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is based on discoveries from the Galapagos Islands. More here---> Charles Darwin Biography.
  13. he Galapagos Islands were the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site and the city of Quito was the second because of its excellently preserved heritage.
    Galapagos Islands - 1st UNESCO World Heritage Site
    Quito, Ecuador - 2nd UNESCO World Heritage Site
  14. The Panama hat was really invented in Ecuador and shipped to the Panama Canal for distribution.
    Women weave Panama Hats out of the Paja Toquilla plant in Ecuador
  15. Ecuador is geothermal active with one of the highest densities of active volcanoes in the world.
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