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Patagonia is an awe-inspiring region, with magnificent landscapes and fascinating flora & fauna. The warmth and kindness of its people is also like no other region in Chile, making one feel like family, instead of a tourist, in this magical place. But these are not the only noticeable characteristics of Patagonia; there is a whole other world that one must experience while visiting this wild paradise, which is the world of the region’s remarkable Patagonia food and drinks. Here are four succulent dishes of Patagonia food and an unforgettable drink that you must try when in Patagonia, South America.

1) Cordero al Palo (Spit Roast Lamb):

This is Patagonia’s most famous dish, a must-have for any meat-lover when you visit this region. The ‘Cordero al Palo’ dish is a Spit Roast Lamb cooked over an open log fire for several hours, until the outside is crisp and the meat falls off the bone. Cooking it in this way gives way to a smoky-perfumed, mouth-watering dish that you cannot miss when in Chilean or Argentinean Patagonia.

Cordero al Palo (Spit Roast Lamb) - Patagonia food
Las Torres Hotel

2) Filete de Guanaco (Guanaco Filet):

If you like your meat, ‘Filete de Guanaco’ is the dish for you. This juicy, tender and very lean meat cannot be compared to any other Patagonia food. Guanacos are camelids native to South America, similar to the Andean Llama. The population of guanacos in Patagonia is so large, that they can be hunted in a controlled manner for human consumption. Guanaco’s are the favorite prey for the Patagonian Puma, as well as for many travelers looking to try local Patagonia food dishes in the region.

Guanaco Filet - Patagonia food
Spit Roast Lamb (JetSetCD Jaunted.com)

3) Chupe de Centolla (Patagonian King Crab Pie):

If you are not in the mood for meat, you definitely want to try the Patagonian King Crab ‘Chupe’, a traditional Chilean dish in which seafood is cooked in a stew with breadcrumbs to make a thick, creamy dish, similar to a chowder. It is usually topped with gratinated cheese that brings out the crab’s rich flavor. This is another Patagonia food and cuisine that is a favorite for all visitors!

Chupe de Centolla (Patagonian King Crab Pie) - Patagonia food
Gusto Criollo
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4) Calafate Sour:

This typical Patagonian drink is much like the famous Pisco Sour, but with a local twist. Prepared just like a Pisco Sour with confectioners’ sugar, lemon juice and Chilean Pisco, this local variation includes a generous portion of Calafate berry juice, giving the drink a slightly sweeter flavor. The Calafate berry is the symbol of Patagonia when it comes to fruits, with its characteristic sweet-and-sour taste. This berry makes the perfect ingredient to add to the traditional Pisco Sour, and is a must-have for anyone visiting Patagonia. The region also offers Calafate jam and Calafate juice.

Calafate Sour - Patagonia drink
De Buena Mesa

5) Empanadas de Cordero (Lamb Empanadas):

The empanada is a very typical Chilean and Argentinean dish of Patagonia food served throughout both countries, and it is one of the few things you cannot miss when you visit this part of the world. In Patagonia, locals have added their own touch to this traditional snack, by filling the baked dough with a very thick roasted lamb stew, instead of the usual ‘pino’ meat or cheese. Once again, the incredible Magellanic lamb does its magic in a traditional local dish, so that visitors can enjoy Patagonia’s delicious empanadas.

Empanadas de Cordero (Lamb Empanadas) - Patagonia food
Lamb Empanadas (blogfonda fondaargentina.com)

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