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Updated: May 01, 2024
Published: January 18, 2017

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white wild horse in Patagonia

Navigating Patagonia’s Wonders: Safari Tour or Ordinary Rental Car?

Picture this: you’re traveling the stunning landscape of Patagonia, with each turn and crest revealing breathtaking vistas and jaw-dropping sights. If you opted for an ordinary rental car, those awe-inspiring moments might be punctuated by frequent bumps in the road, making it an all-too-rugged adventure.

Even though an ordinary coupe will get you from point A to B, it can’t take you up and down the best driving trails in Chile and Argentina. And if you’re cruising in a rental car, don’t even think about off-roading over the region’s unpaved terrain. But travelers who want a blend of comfort, safety, and style? They’re riding high in Quasar’s luxury offroad vehicles.

If you want to dive into the heart of the wild, it’s time to meet our Patagonia Safari Tours: the ultimate catalyst for Patagonia adventures. At Quasar Expeditions, we offer unparalleled exploration of this remote landscape’s wild and wonderful features. Now you can finally enjoy Patagonia’s unique richness as it should be seen: privately, intimately, and without having to keep your eyes glued to a map.

Why Patagonia Expedition Vehicles Offer the Best Experience

While the spirit of Patagonia beckons with the promise of freedom, realizing that dream demands the perfect blend of companion and guide: a Quasar Safari Tour vehicle that matches this land’s natural twists and turns. That’s why our luxury expedition vehicles are not just your transportation; they’re your ticket to experiencing Patagonia in its full splendor.

Designed to conquer every kind of terrain, our off-road tours in Patagonia ensure no destination is out of reach. With advanced safety features and superb off-road capabilities, you’ll be well-equipped to handle Patagonia’s unpredictable climate. Every Quasar Patagonia Safari vehicle comes equipped with expedition manuals, satellite tracking, and your own satellite phone so you’re never out of touch no matter how far into the wilderness you go. And with our state-of-the-art navigation system, you can immerse yourself in the moment without the worry of losing your way. Even if you find yourself in unknown territory, Quasar’s 24/7 ground team in Patagonia will always have your back.

Quasar vehicle driving tower Paine in Chile

Vehicle Size

Our exclusive fleet of privately owned vehicles offers the perfect blend of roomy comfort and overland adaptability. And despite their size, Quasar's safari vehicles are rated at 17 MPG or better in the city and 21 MPG on the highway, meaning you won’t have to spend a fortune on fuel.

Our exclusive offroad vehicles are the only way to travel that offers truly comfortable performance on gravel dirt roads, mixed pebble, and dirt terrain. While ordinary vehicles merely deliver you to your destination, our luxury private all-terrain vehicles are perfectly suited for the rugged terrain of Patagonia’s national parks.

Each of our high-end offroad vehicles comfortably seat up to 4 adults plus 1 child under 12. And with 46 cu/ft of space, you’ll find ample room for all your gear. And if you’re traveling the more remote parts of the parks in a larger group, Quasar also provides handy VHF radios to communicate between vehicles—even while traversing remote areas.

Quasar vehicle size in Patagonia

Standard Inclusions

Every Quasar safari vehicle is built for the terrain of wild Patagonia and comes fully equipped with enhanced safety features. You’ll travel in security and style with these standard accessories:

  • On-board Garmin® Navigation Systems: Pre-programmed with your route, destinations, and hotels, these top-of-the-line systems ensure you never lose your way.
  • iPad with Custom-Built App: Your personalized itinerary is always at your fingertips, complete with a multimedia system that acts as your very own tour guide by playing informational videos and highlighting points of interest.
  • Safety and Communication Tools: You’ll be prepared for anything thanks to a standard-issue pair of binoculars, VHF radio, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, satellite tracker, satellite phone, and a cooler packed with drinks and snacks for the week.
Patagonia Safari 4x4 expeditions

Quasar Expeditions’ Patagonia Overland Safaris

At Quasar Expeditions, we’ve harnessed our deep local knowledge to craft safari itineraries that showcase the very best of Patagonia. With our comfortable offroad vehicles as your trusted companions, these tours promise an adventure unlike any other. Whether it’s our Patagonia Untamed Puma Safari in Torres del Paine National Park, our Patagonia Revealed Safari through Los Glaciares National Park, or one of our other curated selections, you’ll have the opportunity to experience it up close and at your own pace.

All of our safaris provides three distinct travel styles to suit your preferences:

  • With a guide in your safari vehicle: Listen to personalized insights and stories as you explore.
  • With a guide in an accompanying vehicle: Enjoy your privacy while benefiting from expert guidance.
  • Self-guided with support from our Patagonia team: For those who trek on their own terms, with the assurance of our Patagonia ground team’s 24/7 support.

No matter which safari style you choose, the legendary power and comfort of our private offroad vehicles will give you a true “go anywhere, do anything” Patagonian experience. You don’t need to sacrifice luxury, comfort, or style to satisfy your adventurous soul.

Book Your Ultimate Safari Experience Today

Still contemplating an overland safari? Dive into the experience of Men’s Journal writer Matt Bell as he recounts his 8-day self-guided Patagonia excursion with us. As you envision the vast horizons and unshackled beauty of this remote destination, you can start planning your Patagonia Luxury Safari Tour one step at a time.

Can you picture yourself exploring the wonders of Patagonia on an overland expedition? With Quasar Expeditions, that vision becomes reality.

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