Galapagos Climate – September Weather in the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos sea birds nesting sites very active.

The garua’ season (June to November) is when the weather is relatively cool and dry, with sunny or overcast skies and occasional drizzle. The air temperature reaches its lowest levels (19°C-66°F).

September in the Galapagos:

Galapagos Penguins

Galapagos Penguins are active since May and swimmers and snorkelers can be delighted at Bartholomew with penguins swimming at the surface or torpedo-like while underwater. (Photo by: Jodi)


Galapagos Sea Lions

Sea lions are very active. Females have reached oestrus stage, and so harem-gathering males are constantly barking and fighting. Shore fighting is heavy. Western and central islands are the most active ones in terms of sea lions’ activities. (Photo by: Frigundi)


Galapagos Sea Birds

Most species of Galapagos sea birds remain quite active at their nesting sites. (Photo by: Derek Keats)


Galapagos Brown Pelican

The beautiful appearance of the the Brown Pelican, the second largest seabird in Galapagos is visible throughout the islands. (Photo by: Les Williams)


Temperatures for Galapagos Islands in September:

Average Low: Average High: Water Temperature: Average Rainfall:
62°F 76°F 68°F 0.50 inches


For more information on Galapagos Islands weather, click here Galapagos Islands weather.

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