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Updated: January 23, 2024
Published: December 12, 2022

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clothing for the galapagos islands

Are you setting off for the journey of a lifetime in the incredible Galapagos Islands? As you prepare for unforgettable wildlife encounters and jaw-dropping views, you’re probably wondering what to wear. Because the Galapagos are located right on the equator, landscapes and weather don't vary much from season to season. Your clothing packing list will be the same, regardless of the month you’re traveling. Of course, travelers look forward to exploring the islands on foot as well as lounging on beaches and dining their luxury yacht, so a varied ensemble is recommended.

The list of what clothing to wear and pack for a Galapagos cruise is varied, but in this video we have simplified the process to get you ready. Please note that the specific items we detail in each section of this video have been carefully selected to enhance your Galapagos experience.



Here is a list of the regular clothing items that you should bring on your Galapagos luxury cruise adventure. This list includes items for the daily walks & hikes around the islands, as well as for the time you spend onboard your yacht. The quantities shown for each item are enough to last you for an entire 8-day cruise without requiring you to do laundry, but if you are traveling for less than 8 days or for more than 8 days, please calculate accordingly. Also, most cruise companies offer laundry service either onboard the yacht or on the days that the ship visits Port. Quasar does offer laundry service to all its guests, but please inquire with your cruise company whether it’s available for you and if it’s included or available at an extra cost.


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During dinners onboard Quasar yachts, and onboard many other cruises around the Islands, Guests are encouraged to wear slightly different clothing than for the daily Island excursions. For men this includes long pants, dress shorts and dress shirts or polos. And for women, this includes long pants, skirts, blouses, or casual dresses. Wearing a bathing suit to the evening meals is not recommended on Quasar's cruises.

Of course, this is only a suggestion and your choice of attire is entirely your own.

Here is the full list of clothing recommended for a week long Galapagos cruise:

  • 4 or 5 T-shirts for when on the Islands (made from quick drying materials if possible)
  • 2 polo shirts
  • 2 short-sleeve button-down shirts
  • 8 pairs of regular underwear
  • 8 pairs of socks
  • 2 to 3 pairs of hiking shorts
  • 2 Dress shirts / blouses
  • 1 or 2 pairs of Lightweight full-length pants (synthetic or cotton)
  • 1 pair of jeans for traveling
  • 2 pairs of Dockers pants or slacks for the evenings
  • 2 or 3 swimsuits / swim trunks

For the full list of what to pack for a Galapagos luxury cruise, ready more here - Galapagos Packing List

Paul Schicke
By Paul Schicke
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