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Lonely Planet names Chile the top destination in the World in 2018

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Andean snowy peaks

For years, Lonely Planet has been the crème de la crème of travel advice. From mainstream must-dos to quirky, off the beaten path destinations, they’re the go-to guide for high-quality travel advice that can help to transform a regular vacation into unimaginable lifetime memories. So, when Lonely Planet named Chile as the number 1 country to visit in 2018, we weren’t surprised! With rich culture, great food and unbeatable opportunities for outdoor adventure, this destination should truly be on everyone’s list. Here’s a bit about why Lonely Planet recommends Chile as the top destination of 2018!

Food, Wine and Culture in Trendy Santiago

Vineyards in Chile

Lonely Planet describes Chile’s capital, Santiago as a metropolis with a view and that it is! This culturally-rich city is full of energy and sophistication, backed by a long history that creates a little bit of something for everyone to love. Whether you’re the type of person who enjoys wandering expansive museums, sampling some of the world’s finest wines, dining at top-notch restaurants, feasting on street food or hitting the town after dark, Santiago is a great place to start your Chilean adventure. Read more on the wine in Chile here ---> Wine in Chile & the Carménère Grape.

Nightlife in Chile
Museum tours in Santiago Chile
Wine tasting tours in Chile
Street food & markets in Chile

Outdoor Adventure and Photography

From paragliding in the Atacama Desert to Jeep driving the Carretera Austral and kayaking through Patagonia, Chile’s wildly diverse landscape creates almost endless opportunities for those looking for a bit of outdoor adventure. Be stunned by the towering granite peaks and glaciers of the Torres del Paine National Park, explore seemingly endless fjords, sun-parched dunes, temperate rainforests and active volcanoes. Chile houses what is without a doubt, some of the world’s most pristine natural landscapes that are just waiting to be snapped and discovered!

Atacama Desert tours with Quasar Expeditions
Jeep on the Carretera Austral
Kayaking in Glacier Grey
Chile Rainforest

Wonderful Wildlife in Chile

Patagonia puma family in Chile

With such a diverse landscape, it’s only natural that Chile would also boast some of the world’s most unique species of wildlife. If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing the elusive puma in the wild, Chile is one of the best places to try your luck. But, there’s also llamas, alpacas, vicuna, armadillos, the impressive Andean condor and a whole lot of incredible sea life to boot.

Andean Condors
Vicuna in Chile
Armadillo in Patagonia Chile
Sloth in Chile
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Easy Access getting to Chile

While getting to Chile from most places around the world used to be a mission in itself, many airlines are now offering non-stop flights. So, whether you live in North America, Europe, the UK, Australia or New Zealand, it’s never been easier to reach this once isolated country.

Non-stop Flights to Chile

A Little Bit of Luxury

While Chile, particularly its southern areas of Patagonia, used to be marketed as a backpacking destination, you’re now able to choose to travel in style. Stay in impressive, architecturally designed hotels that are designed to maximize views of their natural settings while providing all the modern luxuries and amenities you’d expect at any top establishment. Then, by day, explore the best that the country has to offer privately and intimately with your very own guided or self-guided Overland Safari Jeep tour.

The Singular Hotel in Chile
Tierra Patagonia Hotel in Chile
Explora Lodge Patagonia
Patagonia Camp Hotel in Chile

Planning Your Trip to World's Top Destination for 2018

Want to experience Chile, Lonely Planet’s number one country to visit in 2018 for yourself? See our Patagonia tours page for more information on where to go and what there is to see and do or simply fill out the form below and we will send you more information right away!

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