Galapagos Mockingbird Facts

  • Name:
    Galapagos Mockingbird
  • Scientific Name:
    Nesomimus parvulus
  • Family:
  • Length:
    25 cm (9.8 in)
Galapagos Mockingbird

Locally common resident, breeding from October to April and nesting in trees or cacti. Range does nor overlap with any other species of mockingbird. Six subspeeies are recognised: barringtoni (Santa Fe Island); bauri (Genovesa Island); hulli (Darwin Island); parvulus (Fernandina Island, Isabela Island, Santa Cruz Island, North Seymour Island and Daphne Island); personatus (Pinta Island, Marchena Island, Santiago Island and Rabida Island) and wenmani (Wolf Island).


A medium-sized, streaked land bird with long tail, short wings and narrow, moderately long, decurved bill. Upperparts dark grey-brown; wings dark brown with feathers edged and tipped white. Tail dark with white tip. Under parts white, extending up side of neck to form a broad collar; some streaking on flanks and side of breast. Does nor generally show a distinct malar stripe. White supercilium contrasts with crown and dark ear-coverts. Iris colour varies from reddish-brown to yellowish-green.


Loud and melodious but variable.

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