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Updated: October 16, 2023
Published: May 01, 2019

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A man pointing into the distance next to Quasar's all-terrain vehicles on a Patagonia Safari

Patagonia is one of the earth’s greatest treasures. Featuring robust wildlife, gorgeously ever-changing skies, and some of the most stunning landscapes anywhere on earth, this massive area at the southern tip of South America has been captivating the imaginations of adventurers for generations.

At Quasar Expeditions, we offer awe-inspiring journeys across this untamed land via our Patagonia Overland safaris. Travelers can stand atop a glacier, track wild pumas through the wilderness, or behold thousands of penguins who call Patagonia home.

What else can travelers enjoy in Patagonia? A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to unplug. While Wi-Fi is available at our host hotels during our overland safaris, we always encourage adventurers to spend as much time possible disconnecting from technology and wireless networks.

Here are six reasons why our Patagonia Safaris are a perfect way for you and your family to unplug from technology.

1. Fully Experience Patagonia’s Splendor

Patagonia features one of the world’s most unique and diverse landscapes. Though it includes portions of Chile and Argentina, less than 5% of their populations reside within Patagonia. It’s a largely untouched paradise with thrilling mountain ranges, coastal borders on three different oceans, and massive glacial formations.

When you’re able to disconnect from phones and mobile devices by taking a break from technology, all of this natural beauty is front and center. The more fully you can experience it without the barrier of devices, the more it can impact you on the deeply profound level that so many of our travelers have reported experiencing. After all, activities like fly fishing in a river of glacial runoff under the shadow of a mountain don’t come around often. You’ll want to be as present as possible.

Private all-terrain vehicle in Patagonia

2. Give Your Kids the Experience of a Lifetime

While we believe that disconnecting while visiting Patagonia carries benefits for all travelers, those benefits are particularly powerful for families with children. The rising generation is more comfortable and constantly in contact with technology than any that have come before. While technology has made them savvy and given access to more information, it’s also made them easily distracted and less present than before.

Young kids jumping with glee next to a glacier in Patagonia

3. Make the Most of Every Day

When it comes to the use of technology in our lives, there’s a simple matter of math at play. The more time we spend looking at devices, the less time we spend doing other things. By the time you arrive in Patagonia for our world-class excursion, you’ll have come a long way. Why waste a moment of that time looking at anything other than gorgeous beauty that surrounds you on all sides? Why not take every opportunity to remove distractions from the equation, so that you can fill every day with thrilling activities like ziplining the skies of Cerro Frias or kayaking along the base of an iceberg?

Man in red kayak paddling next to glaciers in Patagonia

4. Meet Fellow Adventurers

One powerful experience that travelers with Quasar report is the way that they’re able to connect with fellow travelers, individuals and families who began as strangers and ended up close travel companions experiencing the beauty of Patagonia together. These in-person interactions in the context of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure are meaningful and lasting, and we are always sad to see when mobile devices and wireless connections keep these friendships from forming.

Luxury travelers enjoying cocktails at an Estancia Lodge in Patagonia

5. Escape the Noise of Life

We all have responsibilities, from busy work schedules to other demands that come at a hundred miles per hour. If you’re journeying to the beautiful lands of Patagonia, it means you’re choosing to step away from all of that. So why not really step away, by putting away the devices that can keep you tethered to those responsibilities from anywhere in the world.

A women wearing a red jacket with traction cleats while enjoying the peace and quiet on a Glacier in Patagonia

6. Get the Rest You Deserve

Science shows that spending time away from electronic screens helps us sleep better. When you’ve spent the day exploring Patagonia in a Quasar luxury vehicle and enjoying one awe-inspiring activity after another, you’ll want to relax and sleep well in one of our 5-star hotels or luxury yurts. Spending time away from screens will help you achieve deeper relaxation and more restful, quality sleep.

A couple relaxing at Tierra Hotel & Spa pool on a Patagonia Overland Safari

On our Quasar Expeditions in Patagonia, we don’t want travelers to feel unable to connect to their lives or access travel Wi-Fi. We still offer Patagonia Wi-Fi access and wireless service at all hotels. But we encourage each of our travelers to use their trip as an opportunity to cut back on the time they spend online—not just because it’s good for us all, but because it allows us more focus on the stunning splendor that is Patagonia.

I leave you with this short video from musician Prince Ea, where he shares his views on the 'digital insanity' that leaves many of us consumed by technology. Let us know what you think below in the comments.

Tasha Williams
By Tasha Williams
Travel Consultant – Chile & Argentina

Hello! My name is Tasha. I love to travel to see new places and meet new people. I am passionate about creating unique travel experiences for adventurous travelers with a desire to see some of the most remote corners of South America. I have traveled extensively to Patagonia, Chile, Argentina, Galapagos, Ecuador and many other areas of this wild continent and I am eager to share my knowledge with the world.

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