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Updated: December 14, 2022
Published: December 13, 2022

Grace Yacht Jacuzzi

Quasar’s luxury Grace yacht has been sailing the Galapagos archipelago since 2009, facilitating mesmerizing experiences for intimate groups of discerning travelers. With a brand new remodel, the award-winning vessel is even better equipped to deliver sophisticated and awe-inspiring cruises throughout the Galapagos Islands.

The experts behind Quasar Expeditions invite you to explore the yacht’s sleek upgrades, gorgeous decor, and thoughtful touches to enhance guest comfort — we’ll see you aboard!

Elevated Design

After Quasar Expeditions teamed up with the Chilean interior design firm Enrique Concha & Co, which specializes in atmospheric luxury vessels (as well as hotels, offices, and homes), the elegant Grace Yacht has been elevated to an entirely new level.

While our guests will enjoy unforgettable wildlife encounters and unique activities in the Galapagos, the on board experience is sure to be just as memorable with every detail considered. The talented team behind Enrique Concha & Co surpassed expectations, with the furniture and decor well thought out to harmonize with the unique spirit of the destination, including the expanse of the sea, air, and boundless adventure, while enhancing the comfort of every guest.

Think everything from modern lighting that instantly adjusts to match individual preferences and moods and one-of-a-kind furnishings, custom-designed for cruising the Galapagos.

More space can be enjoyed throughout, including her staterooms that were also upgraded, maximizing space to help ensure everyone enjoys a more peaceful night's rest. The fortunate guests staying in Master Suite A4 also get a new sofa to stretch out on and use as additional sleeping space as it can easily be transformed into an additional bed.

Enhanced Hospitality

Both Quasar and Enrique Concha & Co understand the importance of providing space to mingle and get to know like-minded travelers, reconnect with loved ones, and enjoy those times when you want to enjoy privacy and self-reflection too.

Making connections while finding time for quiet reflection and self-care are a big part of what inspired the remodel. In fact, it will also be easier to share precious moments with those back home, thanks to the USB ports in staterooms and additional electrical plugs in social areas. The new coffee and tea station is another highlight, serving as the ideal place to share a cup of the finest Ecuadorian coffee or delectable tea while chatting about the events of the day or indulging in exquisite solitude.

Grace Yacht updated deck and bar

Guests can also look forward to sipping sophisticated cocktails in the enticing, fully upgraded bar area while gazing out at a breathtaking view of the sea, islands, and glimpses of wildlife, perhaps spotting soaring birds, playful dolphins, the spouts of majestic whales, or even a full breach. That refreshing beverage will be perfectly complemented with a mouthwatering aperitivo from the reinvited menu designed by master chefs too. Prepared in the newly equipped kitchen, it takes the Grace’s gastronomic experience up a notch.

The opportunity for self-care that ensures guests feel refreshed and rejuvenated at the end of their voyage makes all the difference. The newly updated vessel allows for that indulgence, guaranteeing pampering shot through with a strong dose of retail therapy. The sumptuous Grace now boasts a brand-new boutique that offers the latest trends curated by fashion experts that makes it easy to put together a stylish outfit oozing with glamor for an alfresco sunset dinner. After all, adventure doesn't mean roughing it, especially with Quasar.

Improved Technical Features

While comfort and an exceptional overall experience are always at the forefront of Quasar cruises, the importance of safety can never be underestimated. With that in mind, safety features were upgraded as well to include state-of-the-art emergency lighting.

New engines and propellers mean less noise and vibrations while minimizing travel time and maximizing time spent experiencing. Making your way through a glistening maze of sea lions on an idyllic swim, floating alongside marine iguanas, and taking part in other experiences that only a relatively lucky few get to enjoy is what traveling with Quasar all about.

Grace Yacht new sun sails and lighting

Share in the Excitement of the Relaunch

We think you can tell just how excited we are about the relaunch of the sophisticated and newly transformed Grace Yacht for your Galapagos getaway. If you’re ready to experience a taste of true luxury and elegance aboard a vessel as regal as Grace Kelly herself, it's time to start packing. Or, at least get the process started so that you can count down the days to what's likely to be a journey of a lifetime.

With revamped layouts that provide more space throughout the ship from staterooms to common areas, perfectly chosen furnishings and decor, a sparkling new boutique, and safety features that not only meet but exceed the strictest standards, we don't think you'll find better.

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Eric Andrews
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