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Updated: August 09, 2021
Published: July 11, 2017

Flying Andean Condor in Patagonia

As summer draws to an end in the northern hemisphere, you’re probably dreaming about where and when to vacation this year. If exploring Patagonia’s wild and rugged national parks, glaciers and incredible wildlife is on your to-do list, here’s 7 reasons to travel to Patagonia in the fall (September through to the beginning of December). Keep in mind that because Patagonia is south of the equator, you’ll be heading into springtime as the snow melts and the flora and fauna is arguably at its best!

1. The Winds Drop

While Patagonia is known for its incredibly beautiful scenery, it’s also got an accurate reputation for having unpredictable weather and relentless winds. However, the months of September through to November bring with them less ferocious winds than in summer when they often reach up to 120 miles per hour. If you’re planning on enjoying the outdoors, aiming for the cooler but less windy conditions of these months can provide a more pleasant experience.

Couple looking out over Perito Moreno Glacier

2. Fewer Crowds in Patagonia

While Patagonia is a remote destination regardless of which time of the year you go, choosing to travel before the peak season of Summer means there’ll be fewer people to contend with for a more authentic Patagonian experience. It’ll also be easier to secure bookings for tours, hotels, campgrounds and refugios (traditional mountain lodges).

Two men taking on a easy hike in Patagonia

3. More Chances to See Patagonian Wildlife

During the busy summer season, many of Patagonia’s reclusive animals like the puma and huemul deer retreat from populated areas to avoid facing people. So, if you’re visiting before the crowds arrive in mid-December, you’ll be much more likely to catch a glimpse of Patagonia’s incredible wildlife.

Guanaco standing atop a hill looking forwards Torres del Paine towers

4. Enjoy the Spring Blooms

Come to Patagonia in the Fall as the snow melts and the flora awakens and it’s likely that you’ll be greeted by a colorful carpet of alpine flowers set against the snow-topped mountains. The greens are more vivid, the Chilean fire-bush is in full flower and there’s an incredible energy that’s created with this natural renewal.

Colorful carpet of alpine flowers in Patagonia

5. The National Parks Reopen

Although winter in Patagonia is beautiful (United States Spring/Summer time), many popular trails and national parks are closed due to inaccessibility. However, come springtime (United States Fall time), the parks reopen and you can be one of the first on trails like the popular Paine Circuit in Torres del Paine National Park.

Glacial lake at the base of the towers of Torres del Paine National Park, Chilean Patagonia

6. Celebrate the Fiestas Patrias

The Fiestas Patrias is a country-wide celebration of the Chilean Independence and with it, all things Chilean! It happens once a year on the 18th and 19th of September and is a great excuse to spend a bit of time in Santiago on route to your Patagonia adventure. Immerse yourself in the culture with vibrant parties, parades and traditional feasts.

Gaucho herding in Patagonia

7. Grab a Patagonia Safari Travel Deal

Last, but not least, why travel to Patagonia in the fall? To grab a bargain of course! Because there’s fewer people visiting, you can often find great deals on flights, tours and hotels to make your holiday that much more affordable. You’ll still get the same service as those traveling in peak season, just at a reduced rate and possibly with a bit of added personal service as tourism providers aren’t so busy.

The Singular Hotel in Patagonia

And, that goes for us at Quasar too!

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Paul Schicke
By Paul Schicke
Manager E-Commerce & Direct Sales at Quasar Expeditions

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