Paul Schicke
Written by Paul Schicke Manager E-Commerce & Direct Sales at Quasar Expeditions

Updated: June 06, 2022
Published: October 17, 2013

Spending your vacation in the most amazing natural environment does not mean you will be unreachable. Even though many tourists wish to escape some time in a far remote destination, they still wonder if they will have communication & the Internet in the Islands.

Red Man Grove Lodge on Galapagos Santa Cruz Island

Telephones and International calls:

From your Galapagos hotel or local telephone calling center, you can make local calls. These can be found in tourist areas and larger towns. You can make collect calls back home from any phone by dialing an international operator. These calls will be probably be high in rate so we recommend if you have a laptop or smartphone to call back to the US via Skype. If you don’t have a computer with Wifi, the best option is to ask in your hotel the nearest cyber café or calling the center for international calls.

If you happen to speak some Spanish, another good option if you plan to make a lot of international calls is to buy an international prepaid calling card (rates are generally very low). These can be purchased in many convenience stores or magazine kiosks and then used at payphones to call internationally (though instructions will usually only be in Spanish).

Bringing your smartphone:

Before bringing your smartphone while traveling in the Galapagos Islands, you should check with your carrier to check discounted roaming rates for Ecuador. Without a discounted plan, roaming fees are often very high. Your local carrier should advise you on how to adjust the settings on your particular smartphone.

So, stop thinking you´ll be in the middle of nowhere without reach of those you love and care and enjoy your vacation while in the Islands!

Internet cafe in Galapagos

Bringing your laptop:

Bringing laptops or tablets to your Galapagos vacations is a great tool to upload your photos, store videos, watch DVD movies and more. The crime rate is very low in Galapagos, it is safe and secure to bring camera and gadgets. Certain restaurants now offer free Wi-fi for their customers, though connection is rather slow, the power tends to cut out.

Internet cafe in Galapagos

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Paul Schicke
By Paul Schicke
Manager E-Commerce & Direct Sales at Quasar Expeditions

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