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The earliest European navigation charts of the New World sometimes labeled Patagonia with the Latin legend 'regio gigantum', Region of the Giants. That is because one of the few survivors of the Magellan expedition, the first to circle the globe from 1519 to 1522, reported that the region was inhabited by giants. Ferdinand Magellan himself described the indigenous inhabitants as “Patagão” (or Patagon), thereby bestowing the name “Patagonia” upon the far southern reaches of South America.

Today we know with certainty that Patagonia is indeed the realm of giants, including the awe-inspiring Torres del Paine Massif, Mt. Fitz Roy, the South Patagonian Ice Field and it's mammoth glaciers like Perito Moreno. The sweeping expansiveness of this landscape, with such intensly saturated natural hues and jagged, yet organic shapes, gives us a sense that it may somehow have descended from another realm; as though its imposing natural beauty were a vision or porthole into another world.

Only with Quasar Expeditions, and our Jeep® Overland Safaris, are you able to grasp the full essence of this marvelous region and discover the dozens of must-see destinations it has to offer.

our overland safaris
in partnership

We have partnered up with the legendary Jeep® brand to offer our guests the possibility of experiencing Patagonia the way it was meant to be experienced: privately and intimately.

Our overland safaris on Jeep® vehicles offer you the most unique of experiences among the jaw-dropping landscapes of wild Patagonia. These Safaris come equipped with safety, luxury, comfort and style. The difference begins immediately when you board your Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited, equipped with countless unique amenities. Choose between our Guided Overland Safaris or venture into the wilds of Patagonia on your own on our Self-Drive adventures.

Patagonia's driving terrain encompasses the full spectrum, from well-paved roads and hard packed dirt, to loose gravel and sometimes uneven terrain. You know that you need a good vehicle companion to explore the region safely. In every aspect, our Jeep® vehicles, with their advanced safety features and superb off-road capabilities, provide the perfect answer to the demands of a Patagonia Overland Safari experience.

The natural beauty of Patagonia is truly awe-inspiring, and our safari could not have been complemented any better than with Quasar's guides, staff and our faithful Jeep Wrangler. We always felt like we had the freedom to explore Patagonia exactly the way we wanted and we truly felt safe every step of the way.

- Alicia Bowen (Ohio, USA)

3 safari options to explore patagonia
Guided and Self-Drive Options
With a guide in your Jeep®

Drive around the National Parks, accompanied by a tour leader in your vehicle who can assist with the driving when, or if, you do not feel like driving.

With a guide in an accompanying Jeep®

This option puts you in the driver's seat while a tour guide escorts you all along the National Parks on a separate Jeep® vehicle.

This option offers added privacy over the "Guide in Jeep® " option.

With the full support from our Patagonia team

A completely independent and adventurous option, without a tour leader, where you pilot your own Jeep® and rely on the state of the art navigation systems in your vehicle, as well as the full support of our Patagonia team, to tour the National Parks.

Note: One Quasar Expeditions' tour guide may accompany a group of up to 8 people if travelling together. If travelling separately, we offer 1 tour guide per Jeep®.

Minimum Driving Age: 25 years


a complete navigational and tour guide system onboard that acts as your
guide so that you are always informed and so you never get lost

Our GPS (Global Positioning Device) system onboard gives you the maximum flexibility while going from point A to point B on your itinerary without ever getting lost.

Expedition Manual - A multimedia tour guide system, designed as an interpretive and navigational aid, delivering location based content on demand leading you on your adventure every step of the way.

choose the length of your trip
2 trip durations
8 nights / 9 days

Torres del Paine & Los Glaciares National Parks

Your trip at a Glance

  • -Spend 9 days exploring Torres del Paine National Park in Chile and Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina.
  • -An overland adventure among majestic valleys, mountains, glaciers and lakes.
  • -Walk & hike among the magnificent granite horns and towers of Torres del Paine National Park.
  • -Enjoy kayaking and fly fishing in the lands, lakes and rivers of the park.
  • -Ride horses to secluded lagoons with their own glaciers in Los Glaciares National Park.
  • -Visit the mighty Perito Moreno Glacier on a catamaran ride or do a short ice-trek.
  • -Experience the customs and traditions of the people of the region at authentic Patagonian estancias.
5 nights / 6 days

Torres del Paine National Park

Your trip at a Glance

  • -Spend 6 days thoroughly immersing yourself in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park.
  • -An overland adventure among the waterfalls, lakes, valleys and glaciers.
  • -Walk & hike among the magnificent granite horns and towers of Torres del Paine National Park.
  • -Ride horses, go kayaking and enjoy fly fishing in the lands, lakes and rivers of the park.
  • -Experience the customs and traditions of the people of the region at authentic Patagonian estancias.
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