Voted the #1 Small-Ship Ocean Cruise Line in the World

Quasar Expeditions has been voted Travel & Leisure’s 2018 World’s Best “Small Ship-Ocean Cruise Line”. Everyone who is part of the Quasar Expeditions team is extremely honored and humbled by this win, on one of the travel magazines with the highest worldwide circulation. See the full list here—> The Top 10 Small-ship Ocean Cruise Lines […]

Important Facts About the Galapagos National Park

It’s a well-known fact that the Galapagos is a wondrous destination! Stunning scenery of pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters and volcanic islands that are home to some of the world’s most unique and fascinating wildlife. However, if you’re thinking about visiting this magnificent part of the planet, here are some important facts about the Galapagos National […]

Charles Darwin Research Station – A Deeper Look

The Galapagos National Park system consists of approximately 95% of the 13 volcanic islands and associated islets that sit west of Ecuador and are home to one of the most evolutionarily significant environments in the world. While visitors flock to the islands for an up-and-close experience of the regions unique wildlife, conservationists work to protect, […]

The Galapagos: Your January Vacation Destination

While it’s true, there isn’t a ‘bad’ time to visit the Galapagos who wouldn’t want to escape to perfect, tropical spring and summer weather just as winter is hitting the US, Canada and Europe? If you’ve been waiting for the best time to travel to this unique island destination, here’s why traveling to Galapagos in […]

2017 Upgrade of the Galapagos M/V Evolution Yacht

At Quasar Expeditions, we pride ourselves on offering the finest experience of small boat cruising through the Galapagos. One of the ways that we do this is by continuously upgrading the décor of our yachts to ensure that our facilities are impeccably clean, modern and luxurious. From August through to October of 2017, one of […]

Galapagos Whale Sharks

Galapagos whale sharks might sound intimidating but, they’re actually a slow filter-feeding type of shark that’s also the biggest fish in the world. Measuring up to 55 feet (17 meters) long, they’re like gentle sea giants. While you’re probably prepared to see sea turtles, penguins and rays on your Galapagos trip, most visitors don’t expect […]

Fernandina Island Volcano Erupts in Galapagos Islands

Dominating the landscape of Fernandina Island is La Cumbre volcano, one of the most active in the world, reporting a total of eight eruptions from its 6-kilometer-wide caldera (mouth) since 1968. On September 4th, 2017, at approximately 12:25 Galapagos time, this 1495 meter (4,858 feet) tall shield Fernandina Island volcano erupted, thrusting a huge column […]

2017 Grace & Evolution Dry Docks

Quasar Expeditions spends a great deal of time & resources upgrading its yachts, to insure we continue to provide our valued passengers with two of the very best yachts on the Islands, ideally suited for your Galapagos adventure. Typically renovations take place annually, with constant attention to the yacht taking place throughout the year. Major […]

Godfrey Merlen: Top Galapagos Ambassador

Known as an eloquent and tireless advocate for important conservation issues, Godfrey Merlen has played a pivotal role in the protection of the Galapagos Islands. Originally from the UK, he moved to the Galapagos more than 45 years ago to work as a volunteer researcher. Since then, he’s worked for the National Park Service and […]