Grace & Evolution Dry Dock – The Future of Galapagos Yachts

After almost 30 years of creating Memories For A Lifetime for thousands of demanding travelers, Quasar Expeditions knows exactly what it takes to accomplish this: lots of meticulous planning combined with whimsical spontaneity. However, this not only applies to the wonderful experiences, gastronomy, activities, and involvement of experiences staff. This also applies to how we […]

Galapagos Secrets: Did You Know?

Quasar Expeditions’ Yachts – M/V Evolution & M/Y Grace The Galapagos Islands is one of the world’s most sought after destinations. Why? Simply put: It’s the best destination in the world–and one of the most pristine–for people of any generation to closely and safely interact with animals in the wild. Yet, there are ways to […]

New Galapagos Giant Tortoise Species Discovered on the Islands

New Galapagos Giant Tortoise Species – Photo: John Peltier The island of Santa Cruz within the Galápagos Islands has not one but two distinct species of giant tortoise, a new genetic study finds. This is the new Galapagos Giant Tortoise species that was discovered recently. For years, researchers thought that the giant tortoises living on […]

El Niño Event – Experts Predicting On Way

El Niño – Galapagos Marine Currents As you may have already learned, experts are predicting that an important ENSO, or the El Niño Southern Oscillation, event is on its way. El Niño events happen relatively frequently (every 2 – 7 years on average), it’s the intensity of said events that makes them “major” or “minor”, […]

The Galapagos – Best Islands in the World by T&L

Galapagos Islands – World’s Best Islands If you are looking for an exotic travel destination and you are a fan of wildlife, sunny beaches and unforgettable experiences, why not travel to the best islands in the world? As voted by Travel and Leisure this year, the Galapagos Islands are part of the “World’s Best Islands” […]

Galapagos Family Vacation – Why the Ultimate Family Cruise?

Plan a Galapagos Family Cruise with Quasar! What makes for the ultimate family vacation? For different members of a family an ultimate vacation means different things. Is there really a getaway where all three generations can have an ultimate holiday… together? Yes, a Galapagos family vacation cruise! All kids love animals and all kids want […]

8 World Cup Facts from the Galapagos

July 13, 2014 – The final day of the World Cup in Brazil. Our friends at Galapagos Conservation Trust have shared 8 interesting facts comparing the biggest football (soccer) event on the planet to the endemic animals that inhabit the Galapagos. See what the distance of a penalty kick means to a Galapagos Whale Shark […]