Native Tribes of Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego

Archeological findings reveal that Patagonia and the Tierra del Fuego was inhabited by native peoples as far back as 4,500 years ago. These native tribes are commonly referred to as ‘Tehuelche tribes’ or ‘Fuegians’ but actually refer to a number of separate groups with their own unique dialects and traditions. Here, these nomadic people roamed […]

Why Patagonia is a Top Destination for Over 50 Travel

Just like a great wine, here at Quasar, we believe that travel too, gets better with age! Once the kids have left home, you’re now free to explore the globe and do something to reward yourself for all those years of hard work. If you’re looking for your next holiday destination with stunning landscapes, incredible […]

Patagonia in the Fall – Top 7 Reasons to Travel

As summer draws to an end in the northern hemisphere, you’re probably dreaming about where and when to vacation this year. If exploring Patagonia’s wild and rugged national parks, glaciers and incredible wildlife is on your to-do list, here’s 7 reasons to travel to Patagonia in the fall (September through to the beginning of December). […]

Jeep vs Car Rental to Truly Experience Patagonia

When you’re traveling through a place as stunning as Patagonia, why not travel in comfort, safety and in style?! Choosing between a Jeep adventure vs a rental car in Patagonia should be an easy decision… Yes, the view is the same, BUT, the experience is totally different from the front seat of your very own […]

The Gold Rush of Tierra del Fuego

Today, Tierra del Fuego is one of the least populated provinces in South America. With snow-covered mountains, mossy forests and windswept plains, it’s the perfect destination for those wanting an ‘end-of-the-earth’ experience. Many people don’t realize it was once a place known for an event called, The Gold Rush of Tierra del Fuego. But, this […]

10 Mysterious Facts About the Carretera Austral

Does over 1,200km of dirt roads through unspoiled wilderness of glacial rivers, snowcapped peaks, fjords and impenetrable forests sound like your kind of once in a lifetime adventure? If so, the Carretera Austral is for you! While the diverse and untouched landscape of Chile’s route 7 has captured the hearts of many intrepid travelers, the […]

Traveling to Patagonia in October

Warmer days, spring flowers, fewer crowds and lots of opportunities for wildlife spotting; Patagonia in October is one of the best times of the year to experience all that Patagonia has to offer! No matter the season, come prepared with lots of layers! Patagonia is famous for its unpredictable weather and at any time of […]

Traveling to Patagonia in September

If you have never visited Patagonia in September, it should definitely be on your bucket list. If you have already been, another visit will certainly be a new experience, just ask the guides there if this magical region has ever ceased to impress them. A slightly different way of enjoying your trip and having an […]

Beavers in Patagonia – The Unwelcome Guest

When traveling to the southernmost reaches of Patagonia you will encounter an amazing landscape, a land shaped by the winds, Tierra del Fuego. Beautiful forests inhabited by the most intriguing wildlife, but also an unwelcome guest; a creature introduced in the 1940s, brought all the way from Canada, to help start a fur industry, which […]