Machu Picchu Secrets Exposed!

Set in a dramatic landscape of mountains and tropical rainforest, the 15th century city of Machu Picchu is a destination that’s surrounded by mystery. The town displays some of the most artistic and sophisticated architectural feats of the ancient world although it was was unknown to the modern world until the early 1900’s. And, they’re […]

6 Must-Try Peruvian Foods

Speak Spanish, kiss French, dress Italian, shop Arabia, party Caribbean and eat Peruvian foods! If Peruvian foods not your number one reason to visit Peru, maybe it should be! Peru’s rich cultural heritage created an innovative jumble of flavours from Europe, Africa and Asia that, when blended with traditional Peruvian cuisine, form a unique, world-class […]

Peruvian Sacred Valley of the Incas

If what you need is a luxury and relaxing holiday, Peruvian Sacred Valley is the perfect place for you! Many luxury hotels have been built in the beautiful and peaceful Rio Urubamba valley in the Andes of Peru over the last 5 years and the area has become a destination in its own right. In […]

Peru Tours – Top 5 Destinations To Explore In Peru

Peru is a traveler’s paradise, a vast country where you are always within a few hours of coast, mountains, and rainforest. A melting pot of ancient cultures, colonial tradition, and modern world influences, there is something here for everyone!   Cusco     Cusco is the top tourist destination in Peru, located at 3,400 meters […]