The Magnificent & Great Frigatebirds Information

  • Name:
    Magnificent Frigatebird
    Great Frigatebird
  • Family:
  • Endemic Subspecies:
    Magnificent Frigatebird

General Description:

Frigatebirds are large, dark seabirds with very long, pointed wings which are held forward from the shoulder in flight. They have deeply forked tails and short legs with webbed feet. Their bills are long and hook-tipped. Frigatebirds soar high over the sea and feed by harassing and kleptoparasiting other seabirds, particularly boobies, or by picking food from the surface of the sea. However, they never land on water as they lack the oil-secreting gland which keeps the feathers of seabirds dry. The male, female and immature plumages are distinctly different and breeding males have a bright red gular pouch which is inflated during display.



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