Culpeo Fuegian Fox Facts

Name: Zorro Culpeo or Colorado/ Fueguian Fox, Red Fox
Scientific Name: Lycalopex Culpaeus
Family: Canidae
Order: Carnivorous
Size: n/a
Weight: n/a

Measures from 80 to 120 cm (39 to 42 in), including the tail (30 to 36 cm /16 to 20 in). The female weighs about 9 kg (20 lb) and the male 12 kg (27 lb) average. Its chin is reddish brown, similar to other parts of the body. The top of the tail is gravy and black. Its head is usually reddish brown, feet and legs are a bright red-brown.

They begin mating at age 1 and the season is from June to October. They mate only once a year and have between 3 and 5 pups. Breeding occurs in burrows and the gestation period is about 55-60 days.

Lizards, birds, rodents and sheep

Found throughout Chile, two of the four subspecies are found in the Magallanes Region (Zorro Colorado and Zorro Colorado de Tierra del Fuego).

Forest, shrub and steppe.

This fox is responsible for controlling the populations of hares, rodents and Upland Geese.

Subspecies of the Culpeo Fox include::
Lycalopex culpaeus andinus
Lycalopex culpaeus culpaeus
Lycalopex culpaeus lycoides
Lycalopex culpaeus magellanicus
Lycalopex culpaeus reissii
Lycalopex culpaeus smithersi

Interesting Facts:
Culpeo Foxes are also known as: Culpeo, Patagonian Fox, Patagonian Red Fox, Common Andean Fox, Andean Wolf, Fuegian Fox

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Patagonian Red Fox,