Geoffroy's Cat in Patagonia Facts

Name: Gato de Groffroyi, Gato Montes Argentino / Geoffroy’s Cat
Scientific Name: Leopardus geoffroyi
Family: Felidae
Order: Carnivorous
Size: 80 to 100cm. tail to snout (26 to 30in.), the tail represents around one third of its total length
Weight: 3.5 to 4kg (8 to 9 pd.)

Feline with a yellowish grey fur with dark spots on the belly, back and sides. It has very distinct longitudinal stripes between the ears and neck. His tail has rings that distinguish this species from the gato colo colo.

Aysen and Magallanes.

Steppe, Shrub, forest and rocky areas.

Food habits:
Carnivore (rodents and birds).

They copulate in August and have a 3-month gestation period, and in November and December they have 2-3 offspring.

They are solitary, only in pairs during the reproduction period. It is rare to see this species within the park. Endangered species.

Geoffroy's Cat