Chilean Flamingo Facts

Name: Flamenco chileno, Flamenco austral / Chilean flamingo
Scientific Name: Phoenicopterus chileansis
Family: Phoenicopteridae
Order: n/a
Size: Measures between 95 and 105cm (41.3 – 45.7in)
Weight: n/a

Bird of long, slender legs. It has a beak with an abrupt downward bend. Neck, breasts, wings and skin are light pink. The male is larger than the female and youth are grey.

Nest mainly in the Tarapaca region, but also in Northern Patagonia (Argentina).

Found in the regions of Tarapaca, Aysen and Magallanes.

Groups of flamingos that are not in reproductive activity can be seen all year around.

No apparent sexual dimorphism.

Through its beak it filters microscopic animals and plants in the water. The minute crustaceans that it swallows give the necessary pigments to maintain their striking color.

Shallow saline lakes, occasionally the sea, waters with plenty of organic material, these are generally brackish water, but sometimes they live in freshwater.

Chilean Flamingo