• Scientific Name:
    Globicephala macrorhyncus
  • Adult Length:
    3.5 - 6.5 m (11.5 - 21 ft)
  • Blow:
    Distinctly bushy
  • Breaching:
    Occasional, various angles
  • Group size:
    Family groups of 2 - 50
Short Finned Pilot Whale

Occassional inshore and offshore.


The Short-finned Pilot Whale is one of the easiest species to identify due to its characteristic shape and behavior. On surfacing, the bulbous, rounded head precedes a robust body with a dorsal fin set well forward. Behind the dorsal fin is a pale 'saddle patch' followed by a long back and tail stock. In both sexes the dorsal fin is very broad at the base, but this is especially so in adult males which have a large, flag-shaped fin. Because they tend to feed at night, most of the day is spent either travelling at a leisurely pace or logging.

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