Peregrine Falcon Facts

  • Scientific Name:
    Falco peregrinus
  • Family:
  • Length:
    39 - 50 cm (15.4 - 19.7 in)
  • Wingspan:
    95 -115 cm (37 - 45 in)
Galapagos Peregrine Falcon

Falcons are medium-sized birds of prey with long, pointed wings which are often held angled at the wrist or carpal joint, hooked bills, a fleshy cere, relatively short but powerful legs and feet, and sharp, curved talons. The sexes are alike although females are larger than males.


The only falcon recorded; a powerful flier, with pointed, rather broad-based wings and slow, stiff wingbeats, often appearing quite stocky. Sexes alike, although females appreciably larger than males. ADULT: upperparts blue-grey; underparts white, narrowly barred grey; crown black, extending to prominent moustachials which contrast with white throat; legs, cere and eye-ring yellow. JUEVENILE / IMMATURE: Similar to adult but browner overall with streaked rather than barred breast.


Feeds principally on birds which are pursued at speed and caught in flight, often following a stoop from a great height.

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