Galapagos Nazca (Masked) Booby Facts

  • Scientific Name:
    Sula granti
  • Family:
  • Length:
    81 - 92cm (32 - 36 in)
  • Wingspan:
    Up to 152 cm (60 in)
Nazca or Masked Booby Birds

Common resident. Population between 15,000 – 20,000 pairs. Breeds throughout the year, with colonies on different islands nesting at different times (e.g. eggs laid on Genovesa Island between August and November and on Española Island between November and February); nests on the ground. Formerly treated as a subspecies of Masked Booby (sula dactylatra) but now afforded full species status.


ADULT: Sexes alike, although females slightly larger with duller bill; only black and white booby with orange-yellow bill. JUVENILE: white underparts with distinct brown "bib", the white breast extending to form a narrow white collar.


Usually feeds well away from land.

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