Hood Mockingbird Facts

  • Name:
    Hood Mockingbird
  • Scientific Name:
    Nesomimus macdonaldi
  • Family:
  • Length:
    28 cm (11 in)
Galapagos Barn Owl

Common resident on Española Island and Gardner-by-Española, breeding from March to April and nesting in trees or cacti. Range does not overlap with any other species of mockingbird.


The largest of the mockingbirds in Galapagos with the longest and heaviest bill, and the longest legs. Plumage similar to Galapagos Mockingbird but has a narrower and less conspicuous white collar, and shows heavier streaking on flanks and sides of breast which often extends to form a diffuse, mottled breast-band. Prominent dark malar stripe. Iris hazel. It is the most commonly seen mockingbird in a Galapagos cruise.


Travels mainly on foot and rarely flies. Often found in flocks outside the breeding season. Can be extremely tame.


Similar to other species of mockingbird but more strident.

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