Galapagos Floreana Mockingbird

Name: Charles (or Floreana) Mockingbird
Family: Mimidae
Scientific name: Nesomimus trifasciatus
Length: 28 cm (11 in)
Weight: n/a

Conservation Status: Endangered

Category: Land Birds
Number of Species: 49
Endemic Species: 22

In total, 49 species of land birds have been recorded in the Galapagos, 22 of which are endemic to the Islands. Land birds can be divided into 5 categories: Diurnal Raptors, Night Birds, Larger Land Birds, Aerial Feeders and Smaller Land Birds.

Category: Land Birds
Family: Mimidae
Endemic Subspecies: Galapagos Mockingbird, Charles Mockingbird, Hood Mockingbird, Chatham Mockingbird

Mockingbirds are medium-sized land birds with long tails, longish legs and long, narrow, decurved bills. The plumage of the species in Galapagos is rather drab, with brownish upperparts and pale underparts.

Rare resident, now confined to the islets of Champion-by-Floreana Island and Gardner-by-Floreana where the population is estimated to be around 150 birds. Range does not overlap with any other species of mockingbird. Little information is available on the species' breeding biology, although it is known to nest on Prickly Pear Opuntia cacti.

Similar to Galapagos Mockingbird but bill slightly longer and plumage shows extensive dark smudging on flanks and less streaked upper parts. Lacks the dark ear-coverts and white collar of the other mockingbird species. Iris red-brown.

Loud and melodious but variable.

Floreana Mockingbird sitting on a catcus