Fin Whale Facts

  • Scientific Name:
    Balaenoptera physalus
  • Adult Length:
    18-26 m (59 - 85 ft)
  • Blow:
    Tall column, thicker and higher than Sei and Bryde's Whales but smaller than Blue Whale
  • Breaching:
    Variable angles, huge splash
  • Deep dive:
    Tail flukes not raised
  • Group size:
    1 - 2 ,sometimes more when feeding
Fin Whale

Rare offshore.


Second only to the Blue Whale in size, Fin Whales are similar to the other large rorquals. At close quarters, the asymmetrical pigmentation of the lower jaw is diagnostic. The left lower lip is dark, whilst the right is white. Surfacmg sequence is distinctive: appearance of blowhole precedes a rolling back, followed by the small but distinct sloping dorsal fin.

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