• Scientific Name:
    Ziphius cavirostris
  • Family:
  • Adult Length:
    5-7 m (16 - 23 ft)
  • Coloration:
    Grey-brown to brick-red
  • Blow:
    Bushy, slightly angled forward, sometimes visible
  • Breaching:
    Leaps almost vertically
  • Group size:
Cuvier's Beaked Whale

Occasionally seen offshore.


Larger and more robust than the beaked whales of the genus Mesoplodon. The body is somewhat sausage-shaped as it rolls slowly at the surface, revealing a small, triangular or falcate dorsal fin situated forward, sometimes visible two-thirds of the way along the back. The head shape is distinctive, the forehead sloping gently down to a short beak, described by some as being like that of a goose. In mature males, two small teeth protrude from the tip of the lower jaw. The head and upper back of adults often becomes pale cream in color.

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