Galapagos Common Gallinule Facts

  • Scientific Name:
    Gallinula chloropus
  • Length:
    30 - 38 cm (11.8 - 14.9 in)
Common Gallinule

The Common Gallinule is a resident species of Galapagos, mainly inhabiting brackish lagoons. It breeds mostly from May to October.


A medium-sized, dark gallinule. ADULT: Generally dark blackish-grey, with distinctive broken white line along flanks, and white under tail-coverts; frontal shield and base of bill bright red and tip of bill yellow; legs and feet yellow, with upper pare of tibia orange. JUVENILE: Much duller than adult, with pale brown under parts and greenish-brown bill, lacking the frontal shield; legs and feet olive-grey.


Typically an explosive "krrruk", but also gives a range of sharp "kik" and "kark" calls.


Distinctive, jerky head movement when swimming.

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