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Written by Paul Schicke Manager E-Commerce & Direct Sales at Quasar Expeditions

Updated: June 06, 2022
Published: July 25, 2019

Two sisters enjoying a Galapagos beach

For each member of a family, an “ultimate vacation” can mean very different things. Is there really a destination that brings a dream holiday to life for every generation? Yes! On a Galapagos family cruise vacation, every family member can experience their best vacation ever... together.

What makes a family Galapagos cruise the ultimate family vacation?

1) Unforgettable wildlife experiences

There are few places more fun for young family members than the Galapagos Islands – it’s the best place on the planet for kids of all ages to safely get up close to animals in the wild. Even teens are disarmed by the amazing wildlife encounters they experience during nature hikes and kayaking excursions.

There is very little need to entertain your kids while traveling through the Galapagos – the Galapagos animals will entertain all of you! As a parent or grandparent, there’s nothing like watching the kids marvel at a hundred year old ET-like tortoise, or delighting at a sea lion pup giving them kisses... that is, until you find yourself eye to eye with a young sea lion blowing bubbles in your snorkel mask, or watching an unconcerned giant sea turtle glide past you as you effortlessly float above an underwater paradise. Abundant shoals of colorful tropical fish in the warm Galapagos waters await the whole family on twice daily Galapagos snorkeling adventures.

As one Quasar passenger put it, “It seemed as though the wildlife was waiting for us to arrive. If you are planning that once in a lifetime experience, this is it.”

A boy sitting next to a Galapagos Sea Lion and other wildlife in the Galapagos Islands

2) Stress-free family fun

The key to a stress-free vacation is feeling settled in your home away from home. Many vacations require you to constantly unpack, repack, and move to your next destination, which can feel like more work than vacation. Aboard Quasar’s Evolution yacht, you move in once, then you’re set for your family Galapagos cruise for the week.

Quasar’s staff and crew takes care of all planning, logistics, luxuries, meals, and itinerary details, so your family can focus on making lasting memories in the Galapagos.

Cruising with Quasar through the Galapagos is:

A mother and son walking hand-in-hand on a Galapagos beach

3) Time and space for both entertainment and relaxation

Your home away from home in adventure paradise is your own 32-passenger expedition vessel, the M/V Evolution. The Evolution is designed to evoke the richness of Golden Age travel, while also offering a luxurious modern experience.

Between the yacht’s spacious cabins (each with an en-suite bathroom), indoor and outdoor common spaces, dining areas, sun deck, extensive library, and beautiful sky lounge, there is plenty of room for your family to spread out. Parents and grandparents have endless choices for relaxation and easy access to shaded deck areas to take in the breathtaking views of the Galapagos. The ample deck space on Quasar’s Evolution yacht allows you to soak in the wonderful Galapagos climate, with 360 degree access to activities like whale and dolphin watching – which is surprisingly hard to find aboard other yachts. Meanwhile, kids can join in on deck activities or congregate to play games in the main salon during down time.

A family of four posing for a photo atop the summit of Bartolome Island, Galapagos

4) Bonus amenities designed for family bonding

After your snorkeling outings, you’ll have another treat waiting onboard – an oversized hot tub designed to warm up the entire family, making it more comfortable to change out of your wetsuits. Just one of many bonus amenities, comfort and entertainment options are built into your Galapagos experience.

Onboard the Evolution, you will also have the option of nightly happy hours in our outdoor sky lounge, along with whale, dolphin, and giant stingray watching as the sun sets out over the Pacific. After dinner, the whole family will enjoy cuddling up on the great wrap around sofa in the main salon, as your guide goes over the next day’s wildlife opportunities and activities. Family members can turn in early, or stay up watching DVDs on the yacht’s large flat screen TV, including an award winning series on the Galapagos.

Grace Yacht deck lounge with cocktails next to Bartolome Island, Galapagos

As a Quasar family cruise passenger said, “There were certain touches of comfort and luxury that made the voyage extra special, including icy towels after a hot excursion, delicious and healthful tropical fruit smoothies, the always-fresh and interesting Ecuadorian cuisine, the warm Jacuzzi and cool beverages after a snorkel, the generous beach and spa towels, the wetsuit assistance, the luxury linens, tasty snacks, yummy soups, and so much more!”

5) Expert guides and crew members who cater to all

An ultimate family vacation must include an awesome guide. Quasar’s expert Galapagos National Park guides are just that, passionate about their craft and exceptional in their ability to bring the science and history of the Galapagos alive for all ages. One recent passenger recounted, “Our naturalist guides were very good at explaining everything about the wildlife and ecosystems of the islands. They became our friends by the end of the trip. My kids often ask when we can go back.”

The Evolution typically offers two guides during each voyage, along with a cruise director serving as your concierge to ensure every question you have about the Galapagos is answered. One of our travelers put it this way, “I have never met such a brilliant nature guide. He has an affinity to the ecosystems that would be hard to beat and combines his natural ability, university education, passion and love for his islands into a world class guiding and education style.”

Naturalist Guide explaining the history and geology of the Galapagos Islands to kids

Extra staff is always available to ensure safety for all ages and abilities. Quasar’s staff is trained to “lend a hand at sea, while snorkeling, or on land in difficult terrain to help [everyone] have a “personal best” in terms of meeting physical challenges.” To further guarantee the safety and comfort of our guests, the yacht also has an infirmary and full-time medical professional.

6) Family-friendly food options galore

Awaken daily to the smell of hot pancakes and fresh coffee (or any breakfast you desire), and dine with a spectacular view of your next island destination.

You’ll never go hungry during your voyage, with an abundance of snacks, happy hour cuisine, and three gourmet meals per day. Quasar’s handpicked chefs and kitchen staff infuse our top-rated meals with both local Ecuadorian and international flavors. For more discerning young diners, our chef is always happy to whip up a classic favorite, like pizza.

Lunchtime, kid-friendly food on a Galapagos cruise

There are few places in the world that offer a landscape that delivers fun for all ages, and few cruise lines that offer immersive adventures that your entire family will enjoy. Spend the day bonding over outdoor adventures while creating lasting memories with family and new friends, then take advantage of abundant opportunities for me-time and relaxation. We’ll take care of the rest...

Welcome to the Galapagos Islands & your family Galapagos cruise aboard the M/V Evolution!

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Paul Schicke
By Paul Schicke
Manager E-Commerce & Direct Sales at Quasar Expeditions

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