Guides & Naturalists

Until today, they are handpicked by the company’s founders. Quasar Expeditions' guides are an elemental part of our adventures. This is why our founders continue to hand-pick and carefully select only the most knowledgeable, professional and friendly naturalists in the region.

Our naturalists are professionals, with a firsthand experience of the destination, who provide you with an authentic understanding of the natural wonders you will explore every day. They are all very well versed in safety and first-aid, so you know you are in great hands while on your adventure.

Richard Dawkins

“Deeply impressed by Ecuadorian stewardship of the priceless heritage of Darwin’s Galapagos. Also by the Ecuadorian naturalist guides who accompany visitors. They are prodigiously knowledgeable, constantly updating their knowledge. Humorous. And boundlessly enthusiastic.”

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Crew, Staff
& Personnel

Our crew, staff and personnel are expertly trained both in high standards of service and in safety. They aim to exceed your expectations but will put your safety first and foremost. From the moment you decide to contact us, our supporting staff will make the booking and pre-trip process simple and effortless. Your requests will be handled professionally and in a timely manner.


We understand that your experience starts now. To this very day, our founders hand pick the staff and personnel that will serve you. The basis for selection is actually quite simple: love for their job and love for the destination. You will get to know the quality of people that serve you. You will find out that, in their hearts, they are good people, willing to accommodate you in any way possible. They want nothing more than to leave you with an experience that will last a lifetime.

A Family
the backbone of our business

Behind all that Quasar stands for and behind the passion of our day-to-day efforts, lies the backbone of our business; a family.

the qualities
of a travel expert