patagonia overland safaris
vs other options
why an overland safari is the best option for exploring patagonia

The Overland Safari Experience

  1. You will have a more personal experience with nature.
  2. You will never feel “lost in the crowd”.
  3. You will make Patagonia your personal get-away.
  4. Our Jeeps® are equipped with extras during your entire adventure.
  5. Our Jeep® Overland Safari’s offer both comfort and flexibility when traveling.
  6. Our staff will make sure that all your culinary requests or preferences get delivered to all properties across your entire adventure.
  7. On a Quasar Expedition’s Jeep® Overland Safari you will be able to do many exciting activities Jeep® touring and sightseeing.
  8. We work with the best naturalist guides in Patagonia.
  9. You will have direct and personal access to our guides. Your interaction with them will be very enriching.
  10. When you travel in smaller groups, you minimize human impact on the region. Your presence will be almost unfelt by the wildlife.
  11. There are unexpected and spontaneous natural encounters all the time during your Safari. Our experienced guides are flexible to change the itinerary for these type of special occasions.

Other Options

  1. You will feel like a tourist and not an explorer.
  2. You will be traveling, on many occasions, with strangers.
  3. Elusive animals like the Puma, will escape a large crowd.
  4. Due to the large number of people on certain excursions, activities may be limited.
  5. Interacting with larger crowds is difficult for naturalist guides because of the logistics of such groups.
  6. Special requests are harder to satisfy.
  7. Large groups leave a heavy footprint on the region.
  8. Wildlife is over-burdened and stressed by large crowds.
  9. Forget about changing course or modifying the itinerary with unexpected natural encounters.

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6:30pm PST

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6:30pm PST


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