Southern Crested Caracara Facts   

  • Name:
    Carancho or Traro / Crested caracara
  • Scientific Name:
    Polyborus plancus
  • Family:
  • Description:
    yellow beak and orange face. Neck, forehead and crown black. No sexual dimorphism. It's an outgoing bird, not scared easily with humans or other animals.
  • Size:
    55 - 60 cm approximately. (24 – 26 in)
  • Breeding:
    lays 2 to 3 eggs in trees.
Southern Crested Caracara


All Chile.


Annual resident.


Carnivore scavenger. Sometimes also eats Charitas (ñandu offspring) and sheep offspring.


Forests, low shrub areas, swamps, steppe and marshes

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