Patagonian Skunk Facts

Name: Chingue de la Patagonia / Patagonia hog-nosed Skunk
Scientific Name: Conepatus humboldtii
Family: Mustelidae
Order: Carnivorous
Size: It measures between 60 and 75 cm, with a tail of about 15 to 18 cm. (21.7 to 26 in including tail , 6.5 to 7.8 in)
Weight: 1 to 4 kilos (2 to 9 lb.)

Mates in spring and after a 9 week gestation period has 3-7 pups.

They live in the Chilean Patagonia and Argentina. In Chile it can be found in the region of Aysen and Magallanes down to the Magellan Strait.

Its colour can be black, dark brown or light brown. The distribution and quantity of white hair is variable. There are specimens with a completely white tail.

Steppe and Shrub areas.

Food Habits:
They are omnivorous, eating insects, worms, rodents, fruits and plant roots .This animal is an excellent digger; it makes its own den and digs the ground in search of food. It defends form its enemies by launching a foul liquid, that is highly irritating to skin, from their anal glands.

Patagonian Skunk