Patagonian Hare Facts   

  • Name:
  • Scientific Name:
    Lepus capensis
  • Family:
  • Order:
  • Description:
    Quadruped of a medium to small size with long legs and ears. It has a short, thick tail, clawed fingers and bulging eyes.
  • Size:
    Up to 68 cm (30 in)
  • Weight:
    Up to 4 kg (9 lb)
Patagonian Hare


Has 4 litters a year, having 2 to 4 pups at a time. The offspring are born quite developed with their eyes open and covered in fur.


The hare is an introduced species and can be found in Chile from Atacama to Magallanes.


Completely herbivorous, feeding on grasses and herbs. Within the park they are the preyed by mountain lions, eagles, foxes and other flying predators.


Found mainly in thickets and pampa, however it can be seen in most of the park.

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