Coscoroba Swan Facts

  • Name:
    Cisne Coscoroba / Coscoroba Swan
  • Scientific Name:
    Coscoroba coscoroba
  • Family:
  • Description:
    This type of swan is completely white except for the tips of its wings that are black and its beak and legs that are red.
  • Description:
    Measures approximately 100 - 110 cm. (43,5 -47,8 in)
Coscoroba Swan


Puts 4 to 9 eggs usually in small islets within lagoons.


Found from Region of Valparaiso to the Magallanes Region.


it is seen in Patagonia from August to May, and then migrates northwards.


No apparent sexual dimorphism.


Herbivores, feed on underwater plants.


Lakes and ponds (shallow waters) with underwater vegetation, it is also seen in swamps.


Usually it is seen in small flocks, sometimes mixed with black-necked swans.

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