Andean Condor Facts   

  • Name:
    Condor , Condor Andino / Andean Condor
  • Scientific Name:
    Vultur gryphus
  • Family:
  • Description:
    large bird with a striking presence. It has long wings and a hooked beak. No hair on the head and neck has white fur. The male has a red crest on its head. Both male and female have a white collar on neck, while youth do not.
  • Size:
    It is between 110 and 120 cm tall (47,8 -52,2 in) With wingspan of up to 3 meters. (1180 in)
Andean Condor


The gestation period lasts about 60 days. It lays an egg every 2 years and the offspring remains in the nest until 6 months old.


All Chile.


All year.


Carnivore, scavenger.


flies in all environments, usually put their nests in mountainous areas with cliffs, far from human contact.

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