galapagos small yachts
vs cruise ships

why small yachts are the best way to visit the galapagos

The Small Ship Experience

  1. You will have a more personal experience with nature.
  2. You will never feel “lost in the crowd”.
  3. Get to know the Galapagos with a handful of like-minded fellow guests.
  4. You will make the Galapagos your personal get-away.
  5. Our yachts are equiped with rolling keels to minimize rocking during rough seas.
  6. Your dining experience will be delightful.
  7. Our yachts offer both an indoor dining room and an al-fresco dining area. Meals can be served where our guests desire.
  8. Our specialty chefs prepare fine cuisine from scratch using the freshest local ingredients.
  9. Our dining staff will satisfy your culinary requests.
  10. On a Quasar Expedition’s yacht you will be able to do many exciting activities like sea kayaking and snorkeling.
  11. Sea kayaking is an excellent way to discover the Galapagos on your own and delve into unexplored little corners.
  12. On our yachts you will be able to do snorkeling at least once a day with a small enough group that you will be able to see more marine life than human flippers.
  13. We work with the best naturalist guides on the Galapagos.
  14. You will have direct and personal access to our guides. Your interaction with them will be very enriching.
  15. With a ratio of onboard staff to guests of 2 to 1, your needs and requests will be carefully attended to.
  16. When you travel on a small yacht, you minimize human impact on the Islands. Your presence will be almost unfelt by the wildlife.
  17. For this reason, the more fragile visiting sites are only available to small vessels.
  18. There are unexpected and spontaneous natural encounters all the time during your cruise. Our experienced captains can turn our small yachts to follow a school of dolphins, to halt and let you snorkel with humpback whales or let you hop on the dinghy and view killer whales up-close.

The Cruise Ship Experience

  1. You will feel like a passenger and not a guest.
  2. You will be surrounded by strangers.
  3. Elusive animals will escape a large crowd.
  4. Large ships will still rock on rough seas.
  5. Cruise Ships need to cater to many passengers, many times using pre-cooked ingredients.
  6. You will have to make a line and wait to serve your food.
  7. The dining areas will be noisy.
  8. Forget about having spur-of-the-moment special culinary requests.
  9. Due to the large number of people on a cruise ship, activities are limited.
  10. Many cruise ships don’t offer sea kayaking.
  11. When you do snorkel you will be surrounded by many others.
  12. Interacting with large crowds is difficult for naturalist guides because of the logistics of such groups.
  13. Special requests are harder to satisfy.
  14. Large groups leave a heavy footprint on the Islands.
  15. Wildlife is over-burdened and stressed by large crowds.
  16. Forget about changing course or hopping on the dinghy to take advantage of an unexpected natural encounter.

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 6:30pm PST


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