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Weiner, Jonathan
The Beak of the Finch
Vintage Books, 1995

This Pulitzer Prize-winning work is an accessible look at the modern debate on the mode and rhythm of evolution, using the story of Peter and Rosemary Grant and their ground-breaking eld work on Daphne Major as an example.
(PAPER, 332 Pp., $16.95, Item GPS08)

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Darwin, Charles
Voyage of the Beagle
Modern Library, 2002

The wide-eyed tale of a young man on a ve-year voyage that changed his life -- and our way of thinking about the world. First published in 1839, it is still a marvelous introduction to the wildlife, nature and allure of South America.
(PAPER, 468 Pp., $12.95, Item GPS02)

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Jackson, Michael
Galapagos, A Natural History
University of Calgary Press, 1995

This comprehensive guide to the natural history of the Galapagos is practically mandatory reading -- the single best introduction to the geology and climate, habitats, plants, birds, animals, ecology and evolution.
(PAPER, 316 Pp., $29.95, Item GPS03)

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Horwell, David, and Pete Oxford
Galapagos Wildlife, A Visitor’s Guide
Bradt Publications, 2011

With chapters on visitor sites, history, conservation and habitats, this compact photographic guide introduces birds, reptiles, marine and other life of the archipelago.
(PAPER, 156 Pp., $22.99, Item GPS38)

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Ocean Explorer Maps
Galapagos Islands Explorer Map
Ocean Explorer Maps, 2009

Not just handy for keeping track of your Galapagos cruise, this detailed map (1:400,000) of the islands includes illustrated biographies of famous visitors and a wildlife guide.
(MAP, Pp., $12.95, Item GPS68)

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Humann, Paul
Reef Fish Identi cation, Galapagos
New World Publications, 2003

With its hundreds of well-chosen color photographs and descriptions, this eld guide is essential for underwater enthusiasts.
(FLEXI-BOUND, 200 Pp., $39.95, Item DIV04)

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Hickman, John (Editor)
Galapagos: The Enchanted Islands, Through Writer’s Eyes
Sickle Moon, 2009

Hickman weaves original accounts by Galapagos whalers, gentleman pirates, tful castaways, settlers and scientists, including Ambrose Crowley, Herman Melville, Charles Darwin and William Beebe, in these tales of the colorful human history of the archipelago.
(PAPER, 225 Pp., $32.95, Item GPS89)

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Vonnegut, Kurt
Galapagos, A Novel
Dial Press, 1986

In this madcap classic, Vonnegut’s narrator lives in a future where the human race has been wiped out -- all except for a small group who boarded the “nature cruise of the century” only to get stranded in the Galapagos.
(PAPER, 283 Pp., $16.00, Item GPS10)

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Insight Guides
Insight Guide Ecuador and Galapagos
Insight Guides, 2016

Presenting the natural history, politics, culture, wildlife and attractions of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands with style and authority.
(PAPER, 352 Pp., $24.99, Item EDR01)

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Treherne, John
Galapagos Affair
Gardners Books, 2002

Colorful early settlers including Dr. Ritter, Baroness Wagner von Bosquet and her three lovers and sturdy Margaret Wittmer enliven John Trehorne’s riveting, real-life tale of murder in paradise.
(PAPER, 240 Pp., $29.95, Item GPS69)

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Celter Visual Arts Inc
Galapagos Birds Life
Celso Montalvo, 2011

Spot, identify and appreciate the avian life of the Galapagos with this laminated, submersible accordion-style fold-out guide. Vivid images of a wide variety of birds are paired with English and Spanish names, approximate size and a handy check box to keep track of your ndings.
(PLASTIC CARD, Pp., $11.99, Item GPS122)

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Celter Visual Arts Inc
Galapagos Wildlife
Celso Montalvo, 2011

Spot, identify and appreciate the wildlife of the Galapagos with this laminated, submersible accordion-style fold-out guide. Vivid images of birds, shes, invertebrates, reptiles and mammals are paired with English and Spanish names, approximate size and a handy check box to keep track of your ndings.
(PLASTIC CARD, Pp., $14.99, Item GPS121)

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Nicholls, Henry
The Galapagos, A Natural History
Perseus, 2014

Editor of the Galapagos Conservation Trust magazine and author of Lonesome George, Henry Nicholls charts the human and natural history of the archipelago from its ery origins through famous visitors and current conservation challenges.
(HARD COVER, 224 Pp., $27.99, Item GPS114)

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Fitter, Daniel, Julian Fitter, and David Hosking
Wildlife of the Galapagos
Princeton University Press, 2016

A compact identi cation guide to Galapagos nature and wildlife, featuring over 650 color photographs, an overview of the history, climate, evolution and geology of the islands, and helpful full-color visitor site maps.
(PAPER, 272 Pp., $19.95, Item GPS47)

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De Roy, Tui. Galapagos
Islands Born of Fire
Princeton University Press, 2010

A stunning celebration of the landscapes, wildlife and habitats of the Galapagos by a photographer who was raised in the archipelago. Tenth anniversary edition.
(HARD COVER, 168 Pp., $29.95, Item GPS28)

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