Galapagos Woodpecker Finch Facts

Name: Woodpecker Finch
Family: Thraupidae
Scientific Name: Camarhynchus pallidus
Length: 15 cm
Weight: 20-31 g.

Category: Darwin Finches
Number of Species: 13
Endemic Species: 13

Darwin Finches, or Galapagos Finches, are small land birds with generally dull black, brown or olive, often streaky, plumage; short tails; and short, rounded wings. Their bills vary greatly in size and shape (a fact which was instrumental in inspiring Charles Darwin's thinking in relation to the theory of evolution - and hence the name given to this fascinating group of species).

Males and females are alike. Upperparts uniform and virtually unstreaked olive or brown underparts yellowish or whitish, usually unstreaked but sometimes with fine grey streaking on upper breast. Bill long and rather stout with a distinctly curved culmen, similar to that of a tanager.

Galapagos Woodpecker Finch