• Scientific Name:
    Balaenoptera borealis
  • Adult Length:
    12-16 m (39 - 52 ft)
  • Blow:
    Tall, thin and vertical less robust than Fin Whale
  • Breaching:
    Seldom, generally rising at a low angle
  • Deep dive:
    Does not raise tail flukes
  • Group size:
    1-2, sometimes more when feeding
Galapagos Dwarf Sperm Whale

Rare offshore.


Very similar to Bryde's Whale both in size and appearance, but the single ridge on top of the head distinguishes it at close range. Differs from Minke Whale in Size and presence of tall, visible blow, and from Fin and Blue Whales by surfacing sequence and taller, more sickle-shaped fin. On surfacing, dorsal fin breaks the surface at the same time as the blowhole.

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