Galapagos Small
Fernandina Rice Rat Facts

Name: Galapagos Small Fernandina Rice Rat
Family: Muridae
Scientific Name: Nesoryzomys fernandinae
Length: Up to 22 cm (8 in)
Weight: 40 to 80 g

Category: Rodents
Endemic Species: Large Fernandina Rice Rat, Santa Fe Rice Rat, Santiago Rice Rat and the Small Fernandina Rice Rat

Before the arrival of man, the only species of rodent to occur in Galapagos were the rice rats. There were formerly seven species, all endemic to the archipelago, but the introduction of the ubiquitous Ship Rat is believed to have led to the extinction of three of these species. Rodents are small to medium-sized furry mammals with long scaly tails, pointed faces and short, round ears.

Only recently described, having been recorded only from owl pellets until 1995 when the first live animals were trapped. Confined to Fernandina Island. Probably locally common, particularly at higher elevations, although nothing is yet known about its biology or ecology.

Considerably smaller than the Large Fernandina Rice Rat, from which it is distinguished by its darker, brownish fur and dark, rather than white, feet. The rail is slightly shorter than the length of the head and body.

Active at night.

Galapagos Small Fernandina Rice Rat