Sanderling Facts

  • Name:
  • Scientific Name:
    Calidris alba
  • Family:
  • Length:
    20 - 21 cm (7.8 - 8.3 in)
Sanderling in Galapagos

Common migrant, particularly during the northern winter, confined to the shore zone.


A very active small wader, distinctively pale in non-breeding plumage, with short black bill and legs. Runs energetically along the tideline. ADULT BREEDING: Head, mantle and breast rusty-red; under parts white. ADULT NON-BREEDlNG / FIRST-WINTER: Very pale grey above, with black shoulder-patch, and pure white below. JUVENILE: Mantle checkered black and white; creamy wash on breast and flanks.


A sharp "krit", often repeated.

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